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10 Spanish property hotspots in 2014


Over some years since 2008, the property market in Spain has made headlines due to falling prices.

However, things are changing and the outlook for 2014 is substantially more positive.  The reasons for that are partly to do with the Eurozone’s economic recovery but also to do with the fact that Spanish property is starting to look under-valued.

When all is said and done, the amazing coastline, sunshine, low prices and friendly people are all beginning to catch the eye of foreign buyers given that they’re now matched by very attractive prices.

So, where are the top hotspots for 2014 likely to be? Real possibilities might include:

  1. Costa Del Azahar.  Running from around Barcelona and Tarragona down for a couple of hours or so towards Valencia, this is still very traditional Spain. Many resorts and towns (e.g. Alcossebre) in this area have been relatively little touched by international tourism and retain a distinctly Spanish (or Catalonian/Valencian) culture;
  1. Barcelona and Tarragona city centres.  These two Catalonian towns are hugely attractive in all respects and have continued to be appealing to buyers looking for beaches right on top of a sophisticated chic lifestyle;
  1. Vinaros (Costa Del Azahar). A nice and slightly larger town that’s very Spanish and with a magnificent beach;
  1. Cadaques (Costa Brava). This is a smaller and staggeringly pretty fishing village very close to the French border. In the past, the white-washed fisherman’s houses here may have been unaffordable for many but price adjustments since 2008 have now made them so and cuteness is always attractive;
  1. Moraira – Costa Blanca.  Property for sale in Moraira has always been popular with overseas buyers due to the innumerable attractions of the area.  Price stabilisation again has meant that villas here now are looking exceptionally good value;
  1. Javea – Costa Blanca.  This is another traditionally very popular and beautiful area.  Villas here can sit close to the coast or in the countryside just beyond.  Your money here may buy you a surprisingly large property;
  1. Conil de la Frontera – Costa de la Luz. A very attractive village in the province of Cadiz in Andalusia. White-washed houses and controlled development, plus the almost year-round good weather, are going to place this somewhere at the top of people’s buying lists;
  1. Alcudia, Majorca, Balearic Islands. This is a larger resort and surrounding area but on what is often regarded as the more discerning northern side of the island.  The beauty of the area is well known and the Mallorcan culture is uniquely attractive;
  1. Tortosa, Catalonia.  This is an interesting and historic town that’s slightly inland from the coast. Prices might be more reasonable as a result and the town sits in a great picturesque location alongside the mighty river Ebro;
  1. Valencia and surroundings.  This is one of the most vibrant and contrasting cities in Spain with a very traditional and historic centre now supplemented by some staggering architecture of the 21st century at the Sciences city.  It has great beaches and air connections and again offers a nice mixture of sun-and-sand Spain with culture and chicness.

So, Spain is bubbling again in property terms and it might be time to move before things start really heating up.

About the author

Jason Hulott lives by the sea in Kent and is an online marketing specialist who specialises in finance, insurance and property clients. He spends a lot of time travelling and researching real estate opportunities for clients and writing for a number of websites.  He published Holiday Property Secrets in 2004 which helped property investors market their rental properties using the Internet.

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