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2015 Indy 500 – Kicking off Another Eventful Year at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway


This year will be the 99th Indy 500 and with its long history as being the race of all races, fans are looking forward to another eventful year at the IMS, Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The hype is already in full gear and controversy is stirring that is keeping some fans at the edge of their seats already. If you are planning to attend this years ‘race of all races’ it’s time to plan ahead. In fact, you might just want to enjoy an extended vacation in Indianapolis to take more events that come later in the season.

Kick Off 215 with the Indy 500

The Grand Prix of Indianapolis is the event that will actually kick off the season. Tickets have been on sale for quite some time and here is one of the major points of contention. Fans are already griping that tickets cost more this year, but doesn’t everything go up? Even the cost of butter has doubled within the past 18 months so why the worry? At least these tickets haven’t doubled, they’ve only gone up a slight bit. So what’s the problem?

A New Era in British Invasion

Can you believe it has been half a century since the Brits invaded the US? No, not the Red Coats (that was centuries ago) but the British invasion into our music culture with the likes of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. The Beatles have not been together in more than 40 of those years but the Stones are still going strong – even after all this time. Having announced their 2015 tour, Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones are set to perform at the IMS on July 4. Quite a contradiction in terms, isn’t it? The Brits performing at our Independence Day festivities? Oh well, it’s a show you won’t want to miss.

Side Trips for Food in between Events

One of the things you may encounter is that food at the IMS may be slightly lacking in culinary appeal so you will probably want to wander off for some local delicacies. Many visitors like to visit an area famed for its assortment of restaurants and pubs where it is said that you can get the best burger in Indianapolis. In the heart of downtown Indianapolis, you will find neighborhood inspired cuisine that is the joint effort of local growers, producers and world-class chefs. It is said that you never get a true ‘taste’ of a place you are visiting until you’ve sampled their food. You won’t get this at the IMS, but in the downtown cafés and restaurants, you will find some of the absolute best foods the Midwest has to offer.

So, amidst drivers disputing their place in the lineup and fans rebelling against higher-priced tickets, you can always take a side trip for a mug of locally brewed beer or distilled wine to unwind in between events. Eat a burger that’s out of this world, get in a bit of shopping and if you’re lucky, you might still be around to catch the Stones in what might be one of their last tours together. Who knows? After 50+ years of entertaining, they just might decide to call it a day.

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