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4 Family Oriented Family Attractions in London


Are you looking for the right place to spend your vacation with your family? London is the right place to be in fact it’s the best. London is a wonderful destination and a promising starting point for families who want to experience immeasurable pleasure in their first international family tour. The integration of modernized life and rich history has made this city a must-visit destination for many families. Stunning landscapes, outstanding museums and endless of amazing activities fully describes this friendly and affordable city. That is not enough, in addition to the many budget discount hotels in London, London is a city with no language barrier making it easier for families to get around and take relevant information from every corner of the city without difficulties. Coming up with a list of family attractions might not be easy, however, here is a list destinations that you should not miss out when planning for an outdoor family vacation.

National Maritime Museum

This is one of the most visited family destinations endowed with features that will blow your mind. It is located in the famous Greenwich which can be accessed by car or train. The National Maritime Museum can never be disappointing; it offers a myriad of activities that will engage and entertain both young and old minds. That’s just the tip of an iceberg, loading a cargo ship and firing a cannon to maneuvering a ship into the nearby port using the interactive simulator will grace your happy moments. The museum has dinosaur skeletons and countless other attractions that will keep your children amused all day long. The museum runs a program of free family events which makes it a perfect destination for your family. Don’t miss out! The entrance is totally free!(image by Elliott Brown).

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Rainforest Café

This is one of the most visited hangouts in the entire London. The breathtaking atmosphere is not enough to describe this place, numerous family activities and stunning features can give you a complete picture of what takes place in this little heaven. Real tropical fish, wild animals, heart pumping thunders and roaring waterfalls are some of the things that should welcome you when visiting Rainforest café. It is perfect for family meals and children’s birthday parties, with the American and tropical cuisine reflecting the exotic setting. Paying a visit to this place is worthwhile!

Museum of London

It would be very wrong to visit London and miss out one of the greatest museums in the city. This is because it holds great history with features that will sink your heart. The kids are taken through unforgettable journey into interesting story of London’s past from the time when the lions existed there through the city under the Roman rule. Additionally, the Galleries of the Modern London are not disappointing, you will get to learn amazing facts that will embrace your family moments in London. Fortunately, the entrance here is free making it a perfect place to be with your family!(image by Elliott Brown).

Holiday Buzzed - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Museum of London Family Oriented Family Attractions in London

London Eye

This is the place which will summarize your awesome moments in this friendly city. You may opt to save this to the end of your trip, so that the children recognize what they had seen. The giant Ferris offers amazing view for everyone on board including the Windsor Castle, some 25 miles away.

These are the destinations which you should not miss out; their pleasure is immeasurable and never disappointing. Explore and you will discover more! Consider ideas that will make your travel to London an exciting one!


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