4 Great Reasons to Have Your Next Holiday in Dubai


In recent times, Dubai has attracted a lot of attention as a hotspot for tourism and vacation. As one of the richest Emirates in the UAE, it is a modern desert city that mixes the contemporary with the traditional. Dubai is a multicultural hub of activities, making it the perfect destination for a wonderful Dubai holiday. There are numerous reasons to visit Dubai, and below are four of the main ones.

The fascinating Arab Culture 

Dubai is one of the world’s most iconic travel destinations, and also home to a fascinating array of activities, sights and events. Even a first time visitor to the city will be enthralled by how fascinating and fun it really can be. Sophisticated Arab culture and imposing architecture makes it a beautiful tourism hot spot. The dress code and culture in Dubai is much more liberal and diverse when compared to other emirates in the UAE. Although arts, music and food have a Bedouin and Arabic influence, the large numbers of foreigners in the city have led to a cosmopolitan culture of the society.  (image courtesy of  P.J.P)

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The Amazing Luxury Accommodation Options 

Dubai boasts some of the most luxurious and mind-blowing hotels in the world, such as the Bur Al Arab hotel, the Al Maha resort and the Atlantis hotel. For example, the Atlantis spent millions on it launch party alone, with some of the largest and most spectacular fireworks displays every set up. These accommodation establishments are famous all over the world for being some of the most extravagant and luxurious places in the planet. Most of these establishments are located along world-class beaches and resorts. There are long stretches of beautiful beaches in the city, such as the Jumiera beach.  (image courtesy of lori_greig)

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The Different Local Markets 

Dubai has shopping malls that are world famous, whereby tourists regularly flock to enjoy the city’s shopping festival. Dubai mall happens to be the world’s seventh largest mall, with the city being considered Middle East’s shopping capital. Commercial districts referred to as souk lie on both sides of Dubai Creek. Traditionally, the districts are famous for commodities exchange, which were imported by Arabian cargo vessels from East Asia. Tourists are advised to visit a souk in order to experience true Dubai shopping whereby customers bargain heavily. The city is also famous for its gold market, with the gold souk itself having more 250 gold shops. Word is that one in five people in the city purchase at least five jewelry pieces annually.  It is highly recommend to visit the local souks, especially the spice souk.   (image courtesy of mckaysavage)


The Unique Night Life

A lively cosmopolitan city, Dubai is full of exciting nightlife. Many visitors come for business purposes in this region. The city plays host to major business events and several exhibitions that take place throughout the year. In addition, there are numerous upscale bars and nightclubs with great local music and even belly dancers. These are ideal for a night of relaxation after a day of hard work.  (image courtesy of just_punjabi)


After going through the above facts, tourists and their family will definitely be eager to plan their next vacation in Dubai. This is one city visitors will have an enchanting time, with some of the tallest and biggest structures in the world all in one place, and lots more to offer tourists.

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