4 Ideas to Travel in Style in Kenya


Traveling in Kenya is quite exciting but it all depends on the means of transport you choose. Roads will see you enjoy sightseeing diverse flora and fauna as well variety of cultures. At the point where roads cross the equator, there are souvenir shops erected nearby where you can stop and buy products that show case Kenyan cultures. Here are four best ideas that you can employ and travel to Kenya in style.


There are a good number of companies who offer flight services and can get you to major towns in Kenya. Most of these companies are located in smaller airports like the Wilson airport which are near international airports. Flights are however the most expensive means of transport but also happen to be the safest while in Kenya. Low flying planes are usually cheaper than high flying planes like those of the Kenya airways; they also take longer time to get to their destinations. A flight from Mombasa to Nairobi will cost you approximately $70.

Choppers or helicopters

Unlike airplanes choppers will get to travel to every part of the country, this is because most towns are not connected with airstrips or airports thus you might be forced to get to a different town before starting another journey to your destination, choppers are handy as they can land in any destination no matter the altitude and the weather conditions. However they may be more expensive as they can carry only a few passengers at a time. Choppers will get you sightsee the beautiful country from above. You can make advance booking from the many private companies in the country.


Passenger trains in Kenya only commute from Nairobi to Mombasa and are relatively cheaper, first class cabins will cost you $65 dollars while second class cabins go for $50 dollars. The charges include meals and a bed. If you happen to travel during the day, you will enjoy seeing wild animals as the rail cuts through the Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks, you will also see lots of plant species especially the baobab trees that will fascinate you. Travelling at night is quite economical as you get to save the costs that would be incurred in accommodation. You can check with the Kenya Railways to get more information on departures and arrivals.(image by Simon Barnes).

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There are a good number of shuttle companies that offer transport services for tourists. Most of them will charge you as per the number of travelers and the days you will be using their services. Most companies have Nissans and mini buses which are chauffeur driven, some also have tour guides that will help you to get to the best tourist attractions sites in Kenya. Shuttles are more secure than the public system and are convenient and reliable.

Kenya is a beautiful country with rich cultures that you will love to identify with. There are also numerous tourist attraction sites and affordable accommodation services. Choose your carrier and travel around Kenya in style.  We recommend you travel mostly during the day to avoid being hijacked or being robbed.


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