4 Most Popular Tours of Alaska


For an adventure unlike any other, you simply must visit Alaska. With its magnificent scenery and breathtaking natural attractions, it is the perfect place to escape from the routine of everyday life. The stunning wilderness offers plenty of opportunity for discovery, and there’s something to satisfy everyone’s desire for either rest and relaxation or adventure and exploration. To help get your holiday plans organized, here are the 4 most popular tours of Alaska.

Spectacular Cruising

One of the most popular ways to explore this breathtaking destination is by cruise. With a range of tours available from simple river trips to the height of luxurious cruising, you’re bound to find the perfect cruise to help you experience Alaska at its very finest. For the best deals and information on Alaskan cruising, make sure you check out the Cruiseabout website. You’ll be able to find everything all in one place, with detailed itineraries, cruiser reviews and a simple booking facility all on the same site. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime, make sure you check out the best in Alaskan cruising today!

Fishing Expeditions

Whether you prefer the calm elegance of fly fishing the tranquil rivers or want to chase some salmon and halibut on a professional vessel, there’s something for every taste in Alaska. Fishing has always been an important part of Alaska’s identity and economy, and with such plentiful bounty to be caught it’s easy to see why so many people make the pilgrimage every year to enjoy some of the finest fishing in the world. With its spectacular lakes, meandering streams, impressive rivers and more, Alaska boasts a range of fishing grounds to suit every style of angler.

Exploring on Foot

For those who want to experience Alaska on foot, there are an abundance of hiking tours that cater for all ages and fitness levels. From a gentle trail meandering through the countryside to a serious hike through the mountains, you can take in the magnificent scenery while learning more about this amazing place thanks to your knowledgeable local guide. Taking a guided tour allows you to truly immerse yourself in the history and nature of Alaska, and learn as much as you can while exploring the incredible landscape.

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Horseback Adventures

With such varied terrain, horse riding has become a favored way to discover the best of Alaska. Whether you’re looking for a day trip along the beach or an overnight wilderness trek, you can find a horse riding tour that suits your comfort level and experience. There’s something truly magical about the connection between horse and rider, and there’s no better place to experience this than surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of Alaska.

With such incredible stretches of wild beauty and stunning scenery, Alaska simply must be seen to be believed. Whether you want to hike, fish, horse ride or cruise, you’re bound to fall in love with this spectacular destination. For the truly adventurous traveler, why not maximize your experience and try them all!


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