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4 Resorts to Die for in Turkey


Turkey is famous for its sandy beaches and amazing nightlife which make it a favorite destination of most tourists. This makes it hard for one to find good accommodation especially for those traveling during the peak season, if you are planning to get to turkey, here are some die for resorts you should consider remember to book early and make your reservations. All the resorts have incredible facilities and hospitable staff who are more than willing to offer exceptional services to make your holiday a success.

Altinkum resort

Altinkum resort is located on Aegean coast and over the years the hotel has increased in prominence and recognition. Its name actually means golden beaches and true to the words, there are three smooth and long golden beaches with shallow waters which are ideal for family, couples as well as kids. The hotels features a number of bars which light up the quiet atmosphere of the day, there are also numerous nightclubs, both closed and open air nightclubs which feature lively shows and music. You can spend the whole day sand bathing and sun basking along the beaches and at nightfall, be part of the amazing nightlife that best defines Atinkum resort.

Bodrum Resort

Bodrum resort is recognized globally as home to holidays full of entertainment. Its good climate, history, magnificent coves, beautiful seas that showcase natural beauty make it to be a favorite resort among most visiting tourists in turkey. Its nightlife is highly modernized and will see you party till sunrise. Bodrum features many resorts as well as hotels that have very hospitable and warm welcoming staff. The hotel showcases imprints of great cultures and civilizations such as those of the Persians, Romans, Dorian, Helen, Carian, Lelege’s and Ottoman.(image by sowasp7).

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Marmaris Resort and Spa

Marmaris resorts feature some great restaurants, diverse nightlife, shopping centers and beach convenience. The resort is located in the southern coast and is barely 850 meters from the seafront. You will see famous cruise ships come and depart from Hisaronu bay which is just nearby. Their restaurants have some of the world best blends of current and classic cuisines; you will also get to have Turkish as well as other international delicacies. They have dedicated staffs who are very hospitable and up to their tasks. The resort hosts some fabulous rich celebrities and by chance you might happen to meet with your favorite star!

Alanya resort and spa

Alanya resort is located in southern turkey which is home to some of the best seaside beaches in turkey. From the resort you will have a beautiful view of the Taurus Mountains. The resort features Turkish and international cuisines, a spa, outdoor swimming pools, a bar and several restaurants. Their staff are very hospitable while their rooms are spacious and well furbished. Each room has an air conditioner as well as a private bathroom among others. Its spa is of world class standards and is famous for offering a variety of treatment services. get to this affordable resort and enjoy these services among others.

If you are looking for quiet resorts, these hotels are very quiet especially during the day, you will get ample time to relax along the beaches and enjoy world class services on your vacation. What makes the resorts worth dying for is the dedicated services that they offer just to make you feel you are home away from home, make sure you book these hotels in advance the next time you get to turkey.


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