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5 Adventurous Special Things to Explore in Sydney


Sydney is home to several of Australia’s most unique attractions. Its combination of a glittering natural harbor, picturesque beaches and the Sydney Opera house makes the city attract a lot of tourists all over the world. The city attracts a lot of tourists every year and is the 42nd most visited city in the world. The most visited attractions include the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. The Sydney Opera House is a prospering hub of culture, history and art. Other than its man-made wonders, Sydney also has several natural assets, such as harbor islands, beautiful public gardens, parks and zoos. There are many adventurous and special things to do such as climbing the iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge, sailing on Sydney’s beautiful harbor and exploring the Royal Botanic Gardens. A superb transport system and amazing variety of hotels which are pocket friendly offer comfortable accommodation make the city a joy to explore. There no doubt that Sydney accommodation options is rich and varied. Here is a list of five special things to see in Sydney:

1. Hunter Valley Luncheon Tour by Helicopter

Hunter Valley is an exciting place to visit and is mostly famous for its wine. In addition the region is peaceful, has friendly people and has great restaurants. You should make sure you make your visit breath-taking by using the lavish package which offers helicopter flight to and from the region. The flight has amazing sights of the Sydney skyline, as you fly over Sydney’s incredible icons such as the Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge.

2. Sydney Harbor Top Deck Lunch Cruise

Sydney Harbor is usually referred to as the loveliest natural harbor in the world. On a sunny day, the harbor is usually vibrant blue and dotted with many ferries, cruise boats and sailing boats. The best way of viewing the harbor is by taking a ride on a cruise boat and there are many various types of cruises. The most exciting is the choice of a lunch cruise on the top deck which makes you enjoy the beautiful scenery of the harbor while enjoying your Australian delicious meal.

3. Wollongong Tandem Skydiving from Sydney

If you visit Sydney you should not miss to skydive over Wollongong and experience the impressive views of the southern Sydney beaches. Tandem skydiving enables you to experience the ultimate excitement of free-fall at over 200 km/hr. for a maximum of an incredible 60 seconds. The Australian skydive crew are friendly, committed and experienced giving you a memorable lifetime experience.


4. Sydney Bridge Climb

The Sydney Bridge Climb is thrilling and utterly unforgettable as it enables you to have a memorable lifetime opportunity and experience to enjoy among the world’s most impressive views. The climb is safe and fun as there is always a climb leader who provides fascinating facts about the bridge as you climb it. To make it more interesting and so that you can cherish the memory, you will get a photo of yourself on the iconic Australian landmark after the climb.

5. Hunter Valley Wine Tasting

Hunter Valley is Australia’s famous wine growing regions. It is home to various famous and oldest wine producers in the country. The hunter valley provides the perfect setting whether you want to sample the delicious wine, kick back and relax or take a winery tour. Taking a tour is the best way to discover and explore what Hunter Valley vineyards have to offer and also learning more about the region.

To make sure you have the perfect vacation in Sydney it is important that you book your accommodation in advance.


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