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5 best honeymoon destinations in Africa


You and the love of your life have finally tied the knot, so now it is finally time to leave for the honeymoon! For many, this is the right and only opportunity to travel around the world and discover new and exotic destinations. If you are looking for heaven, choose Africa: it is much cheaper than a holiday in the U.S. or Hawaii, but the landscapes and beaches will astound you. Here are the 5 best honeymoon destinations in Africa you should not miss.

Masa Mara National Park, Kenya

1. Masa Mara National Park, Kenya

Just imagine yourself and your partner in the wild nature of Africa, among the most beautiful and special animals and plants of the world: the perfect place for the most adventurous couples. (Image by david_korenko)

2. Belo sur Mer, Madagascar

This quiet fishing village in Madagascar is one of the most romantic places in Africa. You can choose to rest all day on the beach, sipping wine or cocktails till sunset or exploring the parks on the island, ending your day with a delicious dinner by the sea in one of the best seafood restaurant.

Mole National Park, Ghana

3. Mole National Park, Ghana

There are many amazing places and national parks in Africa and this might not be one of the most famous, but the Mole National Park in Ghana is a real beauty: here live a small population of African elephants, which always live in herd and never leave the family behind. A great example for newlyweds, just like you. So if you want to see other animals like elephants, leopards or different kinds of birds, you could consider to buy a used car and sell it later on free classified sites . It is the best way to do a safari and reach the different parks around the country. (Image by brendanvanson)

4. Zanzibar, Tanzania

Couples with an interest for history and art should definitely choose Zanzibar for their honeymoon. You can relax on the white-sand coasts of Tanzania and bathing in the most clear and blue waters of all times and then in the afternoon, heat to Stone Town, to visit the remaining ancient cities and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cape Winelands, South Africa

5. Cape Winelands, South Africa

If you are dreaming about mountains, sunny hills and vineyards, you are in the right place. In Cape Winelands, in South Africa, you can spend your honeymoon in a breath-taking scenery that will remind you of the green valleys of Tuscany, among historical estates and lush wineries. (Image by charleshenrybeauchamp)

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