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5 Destinations to Experience when Traveling on Motorbike in Ghana, Africa


When you resolve to planning for a vacation, a holiday in Ghana may not sound like your ultimate destination. However, you should have it on your bucket-list. It is a country located West of Africa, in between the Ivory Coast and Togo. It boasts of unique scenery and diverse cultures which will undoubtedly indulge your travel senses. Traveling in Ghana on a Motorbike is going to be a great adventure especially due to numerous trails and dirt roads. Here are the few places to visit on a motorbike. HO AND KALPAKA RESERVE.

Kalpaka reserve is located 10 kilometers south. You can rent a motorbike at Ho, which is in the Volta Region. Riding in this reserve you will get to see water buffaloes, water bucks and bush backs. There are also a variety of primates in the reserve.Although the appearance of the wildlife is highly seasonal, you will still enjoy the breath taking scenery as you travel on your bike.


It is located to the most Northern part of the region and is rather far. Depending with where you will be in the region at that moment, it would be best to travel there and have a good night’s rest before embarking on a tour of the park. There is availability of motorbikes at the lodges and you can simply hire one.(image by jdeezayghana)

Holiday Buzzed www.holidaybuzzed.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - KYABOBO NATIONAL PARK Experience when Traveling on Motorbike in Ghana
At Kyabobo National park, you will be greeted by the Breast Mountains (named so due to their side by side appearance). The Breast Mountains present a great opportunity for a hike. The Kyabobo National Park this is a very hilly region and you will be forced to alternate your Kyabobo adventure between motorbike and foot.


This place is located to the western coastal region of Ghana. It is unique area where pristine beaches, the lush rainforest and human settlement synchronize to create a spectacular view. There are also excellent lodges such as the Green Turtle Lodge which offers bike rentals. Thus, you can facilitate a trip through the trails from Butre to Axim as you take in the picturesque nature along the way. You can also go into the light house to see an all- round view of the scenic features.


Mountain Paradise Lodge is located near Biakpa and is an excellent place to camp. It also offers Bike renting services.It is surrounded by hills and mountains thus offering the perfect opportunity to bike.(image by geekyfemme)

Holiday Buzzed www.holidaybuzzed.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - MOUNTAIN PARADISE LODGE Experience when Traveling on Motorbike in Ghana
The lodge is surrounded by a myriad of scenic landmarks such as the highest village in Ghana, Amadzofe, The Avatime hills and the TafiAtome Community Monkey Sanctuary.


This sanctuary is in the Upper West region close to Wa. There are park rentals offered at the park headquarters since accessing the actual reserve is easier by use of motorbikes. Do not forfeit the chance to spot hippos in the river by taking a ride on a boat with the help of canoe guides. At this sanctuary, you will get the unique chance to sleep on an elevated platform by the side of the river. It is called a hippo hide and is on top of a huge silk cotton trees.

There are so many more places to visit in Ghana such as Wli Falls (the highest waterfall in West Africa), Lake Bosumtwi and Mole National park just to mention a few. Most of the best places to visit offer bike rentals. However, you could always buy a motorbike at the beginning of your vacation using online free ads in Ghana. You can, also, buy from towns such as Accra or Kumasi. Alternatively,you can buy one online from sites such as Tonaton and Cheki. Once you are done you could sell it or ship it back home if it has some sentimental value to you. All in all, an adventure on a motorbike will certainly be one to be remembered.


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