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5 Exciting White Water Rafting Ideas in Nepal


Nepal is a great country and a famous white water rafter’s destination. There are many rivers with rapids of grade IV and above. The rapids are worth trying out, in some of the rivers, some world’s best rafters still find it hard to maneuver some of the rapids. If you are considering to go for white water rafting, here are some ideas of the places you can best go for rafting, you are rest assured of a thrilling experience.

Trishuli River

Get to Trishuli River and spend 7 days rafting, you will cover a total of 106 kilometers in total. Spend day one rafting up to Pokhara or Chitwan, 2 days in Trishulu and other two to four days getting to Kathmudu. Trishuli River originates from the great Himalayas mountains and snakes its way through the plains of Nepal. The river is most ideal for white water rafting, it has perfect rapids and great picture sque sceneries which are crowned by fantastic rock formations, on your way you will see typical villages of the natives as well as lovely birds. The rapids are of grade III to grade IV.(image by Alex).

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Kali Gandaki River

Kali Gandaki River is famous for its white water rafting sites. The river spans 110 kilometers that feature the Annapurna white water with rapids of grade IV and above. The river winds past deep gorges and remote canyons and has intense rapids. You will have the chance to get picturesque mountain views as well as gorgeous wilderness.  You can also combine rafting with trekking the Annapurna.  You can even do more than three to four days of white water rafting in this marvelous and wonder full river.

BhoteKoshi River

BhoteKoshi River also known as river from Tibet has exhilarating water rafting spots that feature grade IV and above. It is linked by the Arinko highway which links Tibet with Kathumudu. You can water raft for an incredible 46 kilometers in this river waters. You will also enjoy sightseeing as you get through the rapids.

Seti River

Famous as a white rafting river in Nepal, the river flows over 62 kilometers past great and spectacular sceneries, rapids as well as abundant wildlife. The river is one of Nepal warmest and gorgeous river. You can water raft from Kathmandu to Pokhara. The rapids range from grade III to grade V and many tourists flock to the river each year just to water raft, however most are overwhelmed by the rapids, try them out and be amongst the chosen few who complete the thrilling event.

Karnali River

Also white waters rafters paradise, the great river happens to be the longest river in Nepal, it runs from the far West to the lowlands in Bardia. At ChisapaniBridge you can start the rafting, it’s also near Bardia National park which you can later get to and watch a variety of wildlife including the tiger.

Every rapid is always different and even the best rafters at time fail to make some rapids, successful cruising in a new river only adds you experience but to a new river you are an armature, this is what makes water rafters to go for Nepal as it has a lot of rivers and nice rapids that you can always try out and add on your experience. The next time you want to go for white water rafting, Nepal is the place to be.


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