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5 Family Friendly Attractions in Paris, France


Undeniably, Paris is a city cherished by adults, but Parisians too have children as well as countless number of travelers who flock to this maiden city with their kids. Besides being a destination of lovers and honeymooners or gourmands, Paris, the city of light, is also ideal for a family holiday. Here are some family friendly attractions that you ought to consider while on a vacation in Paris, check them out:


Disneyland Paris cannot hold a candle when in compared to the old-fashioned French amusement playground and park in Bois de Boulogne located in Northwest edge of the city, a place near the suburbs of Neuilly.  Start your charm at Les Sablons Metro Stop as you enter the park through the small gauge railroad known as Le Petit Train.  Here you can try out rides that feature boat journeys on RiviereEnchantee that will get you past lovely undulating landscapes of hydrangeas, wooden horses, as well as ornamental glasses. (image by : Binu Nair)

Holiday Buzzed - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Jardind’Acclimatation 5 Family Friendly Attractions in Paris, France

Promenade Plantée

Get to the other side of the city and find Place de La Bastille that is a three-mile urban walking trail that features community gardens on either side.  Try also the la Coulee Verte trail that was once a railway line that will give your children a lovely view of the city lying below them.  Halfway along the trail, your children will fall in love with the jardin de Reuilly which features a larger greener space with a playground.  Here, they can explore the tunnels and artfully landscaped grottoes afore meandering past quiet neighborhood’s that will get them to Bois de Vincennes, the famous huge park.

Musée d’Orsay

Musee d’Orsay is housed in an anterior railroad station; your children will derive lots of fun admiring the fanciful details of the enormous clocks, skylights that characterize the decorations of belle Epoque masterpiece. The museum features arts of mid-19th to 20th centurieswhich are kid friendly and also accessible. Major highlights include impressionist paintings, the large sculpture hall, cut away skin models, an Opera house, and the charming Phantom where you can get picturesque views of boats.

Jardin de Luxembourg

Undoubtedly, this heart of Paris lies at Jardin de Luxembourg area and is ideal for young and old.  Among other attractions, try out the puppet theatre, old-fashioned carousel which captive’s kids to dare the elusive snares rings as they circle the gorgeous circus animals.  Stroll on to the formal gardens those willets your kids admire the numerous sculptures as they enjoy some ice cream, you can rest on the garden’s benches or chairs.


Courtesy of the movie, the Montmartre, this quarter of Paris will get the kids enjoy the twee ways of the narrow winding streets as well as staircases.  Get on to the Place des Abbesses where you will see the “je taime” walls.  This word is written in over 300 languages and it simply implies “I love you.”  You can then get on to the wedding cake SacreCoure Cathedral and later on to Place du Tertre that is packed with street artists and tourists playing their trade. (image by : Nezar Kadhem)

Holiday Buzzed - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Montmartre 5 Family Friendly Attractions in Paris, France

You can also try out other destinations that will keep your kids moods elated.  We advise you to book your accommodations in advance as Paris fills up so fast especially in peak seasons.



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