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5 Great Outdoor Activities In The Myrtle Beach South Carolina USA.


The Myrtle Beach area attracts tens of thousands of visitors each year with it’s over sixty miles of beaches which are collectively known as the Grand Strand and its plethora of entertainment options and many outdoor activities to engage in. The following outdoor activities in the Myrtle Beach will keep you busy and it a way of making you keep fit.

Waccatee Zoological Farm

This privately owned zoo began as a collection of the exotic and the domestic animals over twenty years ago. Today, the famous five hundred acre zoo is home to more than one hundred species, including the camels, the zebras and the kangaroos. Stroll along the beautiful 1.5-mile path winding through the woods, and then you can be feeding and petting goats and other critters along the way.


Get hands on with the several rare and the endangered species on this tour of a fifty acre which is preserved. You will meet tigers, the wolves, the leopards, the chimpanzees and many other endangered species up close and many without their cages. This is for true animal lovers as the tour prices run over one hundred and fifty dollars, part of the money   go to fund the conservation efforts in Africa and Asia. (image by : bee happy123)

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Alligator Adventure.

Nestled in the corner of the bustling Barefoot Landing shopping and the entertainment complex is one outdoor adventure that will fascinate and also thrill the animal lovers. Apart from the alligators, this Alligator Adventure park also features snakes, the  frogs and the lizards, the river otters, the beavers; the tigers, cats  many more. The Alligator Adventure is easily one of the top family friendly attractions and outdoor activity in the Myrtle Beach. Adults and kids alike can enjoy seeing and learning about a wide variety of animals in this park. Alligator Adventure certainly lives up to its name by featuring many different kinds of alligator like the American Alligator, the Chinese Alligator and even the rare Albino Alligator, if you are brave enough you can feed the alligators.

Spring maid pier and pier 14

The spring maid Pier stretches one thousand and sixty feet into the ocean. The pier holds the state record for the Spanish mackerel and hosts numerous fishing tournaments in an year.  The pier’s Barnacles Bar & Grille offers tasty delicious food and drinks in this very casual atmosphere. The kids will especially enjoy the hand dipped ice cream.  The Pier 14 offers a very unique dining experience with awesome views of the ocean. Serving lunch and dinner, the Pier 14’s extensive menu includes the seafood, the steak, the salads, the sandwiches, the wraps and many more. After your lunch or dinner take a stroll on the six hundred foot pier or walk down to the boardwalk for some great sightseeing.

Miniature golf

Yes, the Myrtle Beach is the Seaside Golf Capital, but it could easily earn the same moniker for its vast array of miniature golf courses available. With more than fifty to choose from, you can’t miss a round of mini golf with the family to enjoy. (image by : Rennett Stowe)

Holiday Buzzed - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Miniature golf 5 Great Outdoor Activities In The Myrtle Beach South Carolina USA.

Have fun enjoying the great outdoor activities of the Myrtle Beach.



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