5 Great Reasons to Plan You Next Holiday to Dubai


Dubai, a constituent of the seven United Arab Emirates is a perfect symbol of mans victory over nature. Dubai holidays packages tend to draw people across the entire planet to enjoy the perfect contrast of a desert. Among the five top reasons you should visit are

· Dubai’s people unique hospitality 

In the Arab world, courtesy and hospitality tends to dominate, visitors enjoy a lot of friendliness and warm reception by locals. If invited to Majlis, remember to remove and leave your shoes at the entrance. If hosted by a local, accept refreshments and meals before you proceed to the business of the day. At some hotels like the hotel Soars, you will experience the best service the world can ever offer you; classy chauffeur drive in a Rolls Royce, tactful in-suite check in, a private reception desk on each floor and a crew of exceedingly trained butlers who provide interminable attention, you are assured of an exceedingly personalized service during your stay. With currently many modern upcoming hotels, the Dubai’s hospitality is becoming more promising in its unique Arabian hospitality will and will continue to cater for its discerning tourist for decades to come.

· Amazing Nightlife

Dubai boasts of unique and extraordinary nightlife scenes where you can chill out and relax, these range from the lounge bars, beach clubs like the famous and Blu Marlin Ibiza, Nassimi and many more. The amazing nightlife is among the most prestigious in the whole world. Many super stars are known to host shows in Dubai giving you an opportunity to celebrate with your favorite stars and watch them perform live. Tuesday’s night life is ladies night, specially dedicated to women. Most venues tend to offer free drinks to ladies thus assuring you best moments of your lifetime. Most club close at three am and you don’t have to worry as taxis are normally outside the clubs ready to drop you to your hotel. Please note that in Dubai, drinking and driving is strictly prohibited.

· Vast rich culture

In Dubai religion plays a very significant role to the people’s culture. Islam is their religion and mosques are evenly spread throughout the city. Prayers are normally held at the sunset and it’s common to hear the call to prayer across rooftops. Non Muslim tourist’s s can take tours in the impressive Jumeirah mosques by booking through Sheikh Mohammed Centre of Cultural Understanding. During Ramadhan, visitors must refrain from eating during the day in public, designated areas for non Muslims are set where they can enjoy their meals. Dubai dressing is part of its culture and modesty dressing is usually encouraged, especially for visitors. Swimwear is only acceptable while near a water body only, in other places, the body has to be covered up. Higher ranking people or visitors are usually welcomed by standing up. It’s common for opposite sexes not to shake hands as its part of their culture (image by XimoPons).

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· Luxury hotels

Dubai boasts of having Burj Al Arab, the best seven star hotels in the world. The city is the land of luxurious hotels which are designed by the world’s very wise and able architects. Luxury services are all what you expect from the highly trained hotel personnel’s some hotels have their shopping arcades that offer arrays of designer jewelry shops and boutiques and all international newspaper. Reception halls and rooms are furnished with the most exotic and stunning natural features. The rooms are modern and convenient offering all you need, from a mini bar, satellite televisions to a private safe.

· Great foods

Dubai hotels will never disappoint you gastronomically. Whether you prefer stylish and grandeur dining to having relaxed meals at a poolside everything is provided for you. Specific restraints have their special foods and drinks they prepare for example French foods are found at the Signatures restaurant, White Orchards offer Eastern, Thai, Chinese and Japanese origin foods. Fontana hotel is well known for its Mediterranean and international food.  Italiana food is found in an intimate environment, the great LA Travita hotels. In Dubai we can best call it home away from home as you will always enjoy great dishes from all over the world.

there are many reasons to have your next holiday in Dubai  to enjoy the glare of where traditions meet futuristic architect. In normal cases the package includes airfare, lodging, conveyance to different places, entertainment among others. There are also some special Dubai holidays packages for families and couples that are either economical or luxurious depending on your budget.



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