5 Great Reasons to Visit Antalya, Turkey


Taking some time away from the daily hustles at your work place is always an awesome idea since it comes with a number of benefits. Spending a holiday in Antalya turkey have never been disappointing to the visitors. A good number of them have returned just to get more fun because a week is not enough touring Antalya. Apart from museums, zoos and aquariums, great beaches and sports, night life in turkey and Antalya to be specific is lively with bars and several hotels all over. Being the largest city on the Mediterranean coast in turkey, accessing the city is not hectic since the city is served by cheap flights from Istanbul from as low as $100 which are available for booking online in sites such as Flythomascook.

What are the 5 great reasons that makes a holiday in Antalya awesome?

1. Amazing and cheap Turkish food.

Delicious meal is what you would be looking in a hotel, but in turkey there is an added advantage since food in hotels are cheap and delicious. In most of the hotels, they include a Turkish breakfast from as low as $1.92 or find it somewhere else after 8am. Kebab is preferred by many for lunch plus a beverage made by mixing yogurt, salt and water. For dinner you can have Kagit kebab, tandoor plus some desserts such as kadayif, baklava and Antalya’s burned ice-cream.(Image by Rashaad Bhamjee)

Holiday Buzzed - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - cheap Turkish food Great Reasons to Visit Antalya, Turkey

2. Visiting the old town.

Also known as Kaleici, Antalya old town traces its origin back in the roman period. Meet friendly people who are willing to give a helping hand at any time. It has wooden traditional houses, restaurants and bars where you cannot miss to visit the town to learn more about its history, culture and traditions of the local people.

3. Great beaches.

Visiting Antalya cannot be enough without resting in one of the beautiful beaches around. Some of the famous beaches you cannot afford to miss include Lara beach, Konyaalti beach, Cleopatra beach, Olympos beach and Kaputas beach. The beaches have several hotels around that offer accommodation and restaurant services just to make sure your stay is comfortable.

4. Great shopping places.

Anything you need in Antalya you will definitely get it. The city have some of the best shopping malls and stores located in different parts of the city. For instance, this shopping mall is located at a central position that divides Lara beach in to four parts. The mall offer ample parking space and sells traditional to modern items you would think of in Antalya. Other similar shopping places include Migros shopping center at Konyaalti and Deepo outlet center located at Antalya town center.

5. Great museums in Antalya.

To those who love history and learning about culture and traditions of other people, museums offer the best solution since you find everything about Antalya on board. Some of the museums include Anlanya museum of Archaeology, Antalya museum, Karain cave museum and Alanya museum of ethnography.(Image by Frank Kovalchek)

Holiday Buzzed - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - museums in Antalya Great Reasons to Visit Antalya, Turkey

Having value for your money is the key things you should consider while planning for a holiday destination abroad. Antalya guarantees you value for your money and accessing the city is not an issue since turkey have several local and international airports receiving flights from major countries in the world.


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