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5 Great Ways to Travel Cheaper


In this materialistic world, there is a rat race at every other corner, and we are busy struggling to maintain our position in our own race. Seldom do we take time out for family and ourselves. Recreation is a must and must be done on regular periods. When was the last time you went for a family dinner, or a picnic, or a vacation? The word vacation itself is very exciting. A new place with new customs, new sights and new food is always divine. But the thing that plays the spoilsport in our vacation plans is the expense. For a good vacation, money is needed, and that’s where reality kicks in. However, today we will tell you how to enjoy your vacation without thinking much about its cost. Following are some best rules, which if followed, can yield you a budget and a much more relaxed vacation.

Choose affordable countries

If you are going for a vacation, then choosing the country is the first priority. If you are choosing an expensive country, then it will definitely burn a hole in your pocket. Buying the most indispensable things there will make you feel worse. Thus choose a country that is cheap and of course, safe. After recession, many new countries have invested in tourism because this is one industry that is least affected by recession. No doubt these countries are cheap, but the facilities will surely be the best. You may consider countries such as India, Cambodia, Indonesia, Bolivia, Nicaragua, etc.

Select free or cheap attractions

If you are going on a vacation, then obviously you will indulge in some activity or attractions. Try opting for attractions that are cheap and in your budget. Go for sight-seeing to tourist places that have minimal/no fees like ancient monuments, beaches, scenic places etc. If you are an adrenaline junkie, and if you look for sports that can calm down your senses, then go for budget activities rather than expensive ones like skydiving, scuba diving etc.  Free hiking trails, parks, and local free attractions can be found everywhere. For example, most cities have a museum free day each week.  I recommend taking the local pusblished guide where you are and look for free stuff to do.

Connect with home while away

Another thing that sucks up noticeable amount of your money is communication. Often we keep on talking with our loved ones back home on roaming and then suffer a mini heart attack when we discover our due. To avoid such a situation, the best solution nowadays is using free calling app  for your mobile device. Download social applications that can enable you to message and call people overseas without adding up to your main balance. These applications run on internet. Whenever you want to contact somebody, choose a cheap/free Wi-Fi service help yourself. Following are the most popular applications worldwide that are used for this purpose:

a. Whatsapp (iOS, Android, Windows)

b. Skype (iOS, Android, Windows)

c. We Chat (iOS, Android)

d. Line (iOS, Android, Windows)

e. Viber (iOS, Android, Windows)

f. Kik Messenger (iOS, Android, Windows)

Go for budget accommodation

If you are traveling abroad, you must be pretty sure about your accommodation. However, if you want to travel cheap, and if expensive hotels and apartments are out of your reach, then find some place which can serve the purpose of both- living and saving. We are not advising you to stay in stables or a footpath, but the following options will definitely ring a bell for you:

a. Hostels

b. Short Term Room Rentals

c. Religious Housing

d. Homestays

e. Home Exchange

f. Academic Housing

Get the local food going

Food is a person’s basic requirement, whether here or abroad. However at expensive places, even food becomes a necessary evil. So, in order to avoid this tag from your food, adopt the following measures to fill your tummy abroad:

a. Try eating at local restaurants.

b. Ignore posh hotel dining.

c. search for coupons which can offer you some great deals on food worldwide.

d. Buy your own stuff, and take it with you during excursions.

Everybody likes to go for a vacation, but a smart vacation happens only if you act wisely and avoid useless spending. When traveling abroad, try to find the best alternatives of everything. Don’t let your ego come in between your saving. By this way you can definitely avoid a hole in your pocket. Remember, If you can afford it that does not mean you must afford it!

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