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5 Ideas How to Deal with Travel Surprises


The idea of traveling to Cayman islands or Costa Rica for a vacation or simply traveling for a business trip, is absolutely amazing and one that many would desire. But has it ever crossed your mind what you would do if you accidentally broke your arm or lost your luggage or much seriously lost your travel documents during the travel? Well, as much as we all hope for the best experience, its important to take precautions just in case some of unforeseen travel disasters befall your travel.

It is essential for each traveler to take into consideration, the following precaution measures:

A Travel Insurance
This insurance is meant to cover unexpected losses that may occur during the travel. The benefits enjoyed, vary dramatically from one insurance company to the other, Some will compensate for non-refundable expenses incurred if you decide to cancel the trip due to unavoidable circumstances, Medical emergencies are also covered by the insurance. Travel insurance also cover for the loss of your travel gear, or compensate for delays that may arise from your carrier delays. Thorough research is recommended into the details of the insurance cover before signing.

Important Vaccinations
Traveling to a different county will definitely expose you not only to a new environment, but also to diseases that might be prevailing in those areas. Protecting your health and that of your family during the travel is critically important and a top priority. Necessary vaccinations related to the specific destination, should be taken by all travelers. The most important ones are those of Malaria and Yellow Fever. Always have your vaccination record within reach, in case you need to visit a health center and you have to present it to a medical practitioner. You surely want to be in good health so that you can have the most of the travel.

Financial Backup
Running out of money is a travel no pleasant. The need to have an efficient way of accessing your cash as fast as possible is very important. Having a visa card or a master card in your hand will ensure that you get your cash easily whenever you need it.  Another great idea is opening a saving account with the best savings rates available. This way, you will keep your money safe while it earns some interest.  Make sure that you inform you banker of your intended travel so that they are prepared to release the money to you when needed. Ensure that your account has enough cash to last longer than just the trip itself.

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Emergency Contact
A traveler should inquire for their country’s Embassy contacts, police emergency numbers and medical emergency numbers and those of local services, this contact will prove their importance when in serious need of help. Finding yourself in situations that require assistance and without contacts can be so stressful if not dangerous.

Important Travel Documents
You need to make proper colored copies of your important travel documents and have them sealed in a safe bag. This will help in case their original documents get lost. The authorities will find it easier helping you with the copies in hand. Make sure you make copies of each hotel you book in, your national identity card, your passport, birth and marriage certificate if available and valid drivers license.

With this important precautions, travelers are assured of a peaceful and happy time on one hand, and affordable travel on the other. Their importance cannot be ignored. Its always advisable that preparations be done before traveling to avoid the problems that any traveler will never wish to experience during the travel.

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