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5 Luxury hotels in London


Getting accommodation at one of the luxury hotels in London is one of the greatest things that people do during the summer season, whose heat closes in on this city. These hotels are not only ultra-hip but they also guarantee visitors to cool them down as soon as they find rooms there thanks to their chic gardens. The 5 luxury hotels in this city in which people should consider spending their summer are as follows.


The Berkeley, Knightsbridge – The most important The Berkeley, Knightsbridgeselling point for this London hotel is its location. This hotel does not only boast of an ordinary swimming pool that gives guests a chance to swim every morning but it also distinguishes itself from the rest of the luxury hotels during summer. This hotel is the only one that has an outdoor pool in the whole of London and allows guests to swim at night while watching the stars as well as enjoy the city views during the day without beating a dip on its rooftop.

Myhotel Chelsea, Chelsea – This hotel offers a combination of an Affordable yet luxurious city style and a touch of the English countryside chic. Its large library, which is reserved for guests only, is its fabulous spot because it is an airy conservatory that is perfect always during the summer season regardless of whether it is rainy. This library allows guests to spend a lot of their time in it reading their papers thanks to the fruit, coffee, and tea that are on offer as well as its elegant sofas.

Durley House, Knightsbridge – Thanks to its tennis court, this luxury hotel allows guests to celebrate the summDurley House, Knightsbridgeer sun and consequently, it has made Wimbledon a major attraction in London. This hotel allows guests to discuss their strokes while they are relaxing in its salon and to watch the stars at their private courts, which are across the street. The management of this hotel gives the guests keys to their private courts to allow them easy access. This hotel is one of the last remainders of the hidden gems in London thanks to its beauty and the intimacy that it offers, which make it better than a health club does.


Haymarket, Trafalgar Square – The subterranean swimming pool remains the best feature of this hotel even though it has many other wonderful Amenities such as a chandelier-filled restaurant that is ornate in nature and a private library. This boutique hotel has made the area to look like a light installation for Martin Richman and a space that resembles an art gallery that has gold sofas thanks to its pool in which guests can swim in and out, as they wish. Guests do not need to be swimmers in order to stay around the pool because they can enjoy cocktails at the pewter bar.

Hempel, Bayswater – This hotel offers plenty of outdoor space even though the city does not have gardens. It allows guests to stroll in the most famous green spaces in the city because it is located just across the Hyde Park. This hotel, which is in the heart of the serene West London, allows guests to enjoy its modern surroundings thanks to its leafy and lovely Zen garden.


The aforementioned luxury hotels offer useful options for people who are visiting London especially during the summer season. Hence, when the heat of this season closes in on this city, they do not need to look further than these hotels.


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