5 Restaurants in Australia that you have to see


5 Restaurants in Australia that you have to see Every year the Eat-Drink-Design Awards nominates a short list of the best-designed restaurants in the Australasia area. This award is the only of its kind for specialise restaurant, bars and cafes. If you are looking for the newest restaurant experience here is a selection of five Australian restaurants for the short list that are worth visiting.

Prahran Hotel

Unlike other corner pubs, the Prahran Hotel has recently undergone drastic renovations, replacing a single storey with a double high space and a central courtyard. What makes this renovation so unique is that a large stack of glazed concrete pipes creates that new façade that. These large pipes are lined with timber and house a table and bench seats. The pipes become eating booths that have a great view out side but also towards the internal courtyard.


Farmhouse has been described as “a close-knit collaboration between designer and carpenter”. The project is a small 33sqm communal dining room. All the diners are seated along a single bench top. One side of seating is tucked next to the wall and the other is a loose rustic chair. The design is extremely rustic from the simple pallet of materials to the raw stone and timber. The roof itself is sloped to imply that the restaurant in only one half of the farmhouse.


George Calobaris’ new Melbourne restaurant is in the stripped back interior of an old Press Club. The restaurant has a rustic yet elegant aesthetic. The most daring and impressive feature of the restaurant is the ceiling. Inspired by the Greek terracotta ceramics the ceiling is an undulating wave of suspended terracotta pots. The suspended pots enhance the rustic and earthen feel of the rest of the decor. The restaurant is simple and stripped back of unnecessary adornments and highlights the fantastic false ceiling.

Fat Noodle

Located on the corner of the Treasury Building in Brisbane, which was build in the 1880’s, Fat Noodle is a cutting edge juxtaposition. The restaurant is both contemporary and luxurious using rich colours and high quality materials. It has a number of different lighting sculpture suspend form the ceiling. The restaurant is a modern reinterpretation of classic oriental theme.


As the name suggests Mejico is a cotemporary Mexican restaurant. The space has been stripped bare exposing the raw brickwork and concrete floors. The walls and floors are painted with simple geometric patterns that look reminiscent of Aztec artwork. There is a bright fluro-pink feature wall that injects energy into the space. The seats are a mix of simple stool and chairs around communal dining tables. The restaurant has an industrial feel that is counted by the energetic colours and patters on the walls and floor and furniture.

If you are and avid foodie or just like great design make a point of visiting these 5 restaurant. If you are looking for more inspiration or considering the design of your own restaurant look up Tu projects AUS .

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