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5 Unique Cultural Sites in Manchester


Every now and then it’s important for one to take a vacation and unwind. The location you chose for your next vacation contributes a lot to the quality of your holiday. Having said that, a holiday in Manchester can be mind-blowing as this is one of the most important cities of England, and therefore you should expect to be treated with rich history, as well as state of the art modern amenities. Manchester is very lively as it has over 500 licensed bars, theaters, and shopping malls amongst other facilities. You can get any type of accommodation that falls in your comport or in your budget. Many great online sites, such as Hotel Direct, are a great option for booking accommodation in advance. For those who want to take a tour to the city, here are the unique cultural sites you should definitely consider.

The people history museum

Manchester played a great role in the industrial revolution as it was a textile powerhouse referred to as cottonopolis. This museum is situated in a former hydraulic pumping station near canals where laborers in cotton fields used to work. The museum shows the vibrant history through the decades until when democracy came to be in Britain.(image by Neil Turner).

Holiday Buzzed - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - The people history museum Unique Cultural Sites in Manchester

Musical walk of fame

Located in the city’s center and along Oldham street, the musical walk of fame pays tribute to bands that uplifted the Manchester’s culture by documenting the different bands, their times and performances. During late 1980s and spilling in to the 90s, bands such as the happy Mondays, stone roses and inspiral carpets took the city’s clubs with a storm and helped carve the musical path of Manchester by inspiring many current Manchester bands like the Oasis.

Manchester cathedral

This cathedral was interestingly built in a gothic style in 1421 and it came to be when Flemish weavers arrived in the city. The Flemish highly contributed to trade especially in textiles and thus aided the growth of Manchester economic wise. The cathedral as history shows has made it through many calamities like the World War II and major refurbishing has occurred since 2013 in order to maintain it.

John Ryland’s library

This library has a mediaeval theme and ambience going on and it hosts the world’s oldest surviving fragment of the New Testament which I am sure most people would like to see. The library came to be in 1900 and it’s a classic example of the past(though not so old) meeting the present as it has exhibitions, guided tours and touch screen digital displays.(image by¬† John Timperley).

Holiday Buzzed - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - John Ryland's library Unique Cultural Sites in Manchester

Old Trafford

No one even those of us who don’t like sports would miss going to this stadium where legends play. Manchester is known mostly for its two football teams Manchester city and Manchester united, the latter being the most famous team in the world. Old Trafford has over 100 years of sporting action and despite all the bombing during world war two it still survived further illustrating endurance that is also depicted by players who play in it. This stadium has a capacity of 76000 people making it the largest in the premier league.

Now that you know how to pass your precious time in Manchester, remember to book your hotels and tours prior to your visit to avoid stress and confusion. And just like accommodations, you can book car rental, packages, attractions and much more in advance. And this is a great idea, especially if plan such a visit with your family. Enjoy!


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