5 Unknown, Amazing Facts About Italy


Italy is a very fascinating country and is popular for its ancient culture. Many people from other parts of the world visit the country for their vacation but they are oblivious of the many amazing facts about Italy. The ancient culture remains from the great Roman Empire are unmatched and the country has always had a perfect balance between the new culture and the ancient culture. Italians have a unique way of life that is normally very interesting to the many people that visit the country. This article will highlight 5 unknown, amazing facts about Italy. The following are five of the many unknown facts about Italy that you will definitely find to be very interesting.

1. The espresso machine

The Espresso machine that is normally used all over the world for coffee processing was actually invented by Italians. This is a very interesting fact because Italy is not a coffee producer. The machine was patented for the first time in 1901 by Luigi Betstsera. The word espresso means quickly or soon and the machine really revolutionized coffee processing.

2. Family attachment

Italians value the family unit but many people do not know about this. They respect both close and distant relatives in equal measure to an extent where a person will struggle to get a certain position in a company just to work together with his or her family members. Most private companies in Italy are actually made up of family members. Small businesses like hair salons and dry cleaners are also run by members of the same family. Members of the same family work and go for vocations together as a way of maintaining family unity. Family units operate together to an extent where you might think that we are still in the famous Mafia days.

3. The love for music and football

It can be said that people from all the parts of the world love music and football but Italians go to the extreme when it comes to that. Italians sing everywhere including the streets and even when they are in the bathroom. Italian musicians have actually produced special collections for those who like singing while in the bathroom. This is a clear demonstration that Italians are crazy about singing. Italians are also crazy about football and in fact all television channels discuss past and future football matches on a daily basis. You can not find this anywhere else in the world.

4. Italians and superstitions

It might be interesting to know that Italians are the most superstitious people in the world. All the magicians in the country are normally registered by the government and it is estimated that the country has over 150,000 registered magicians. Over 16 million Italians use the services of registered magicians.

5. Italians and Gestures

Italians use more gestures while speaking than people from other parts of the world. Italians have hundreds of gestures that they use in their daily communication with each other. Gestures are actually a very important part of their communication.


There are many unknown facts about Italy and you can actually learn a lot more when you visit the country. Italy is a very interesting country with a very unique history and culture that some Italians and foreigners do no know about.

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