5 Upscale Boutique And Department Stores In Tokyo


Tokyo is known as hub for fashion. Anybody who loves to shop knows that Tokyo is one of the most famous and renowned shopping cities in the whole world. It should not come as a surprise that Japanese people also love style, and fashions .designers from around the globe know that Tokyo is a very hot spot for their label to be featured. It is here in Tokyo that well established Japanese shops and famous brand names like the Gucci, the Chanel, the Armani, the Louis Vuitton, and others stand side by side on the various blocks that make up the center of the Ginza shopping area.

The Candy

At the forefront of the Japanese street style, the candy is where the edgiest Tokyoites converge, and no lover of shopping should leave Tokyo without visiting the candy. Its selection of used clothing, clothes like zebra stripe down jackets and the 80s graphical sweaters also sits comfortably among new pieces by labels like Gareth Pugh the TZ and the mikio sakabe. The store gives ample space to the out of this world styling of famous underground local brands like the Runurunu and the  Balmung which take a unique approach  to color and have an  outrageous volume. (image by : Eric Martin)

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Harcoza serves up as fashion quirks with an eclectic selection of accessories like necklaces made from melted rubber balls and bonsai trees fashioned into watches. The upscale store offers unique beautiful products,

A hoolywood

The store has an incredible the Louisiana style design, with the potpourri scent from Santa Maria Novella and the most stylish staff. All the famous design you can find them there, as the staff is stylish so is the designs and the products in the store


Step into the fairytale world of the Grimoire, where the antique dolls, the chandeliers and ornaments set the scene for a fashionable range of girly gothic’s and the cutesy dresses. The Naoaki and Hitomi Nomura opened the store in 2008, and it’s already earned a reputation among fans of the unique Dolly kei style. Located near Miyashita Park, the Grimoire stocks an array of the vintage clothing imported from the Europe and the America, as well as antique furniture such as cabinets and lampshades.


Every brand in this store is hand selected by the owner Tatsuro Motohashi, who only allows the latest chicest local designs into his store. Osaka brand roggykei and the Tokyo grown FEAR make some of the edgiest pieces around the store, beautiful vest made of vinyl and eyelet lace, the oversized metallic leather clutches and the wrist bands slathered in studs and zips.


The owners of the upscale stores often invite different designers of the brands they have in the store to do unique events in the store. The stores provide the latest fashions and design from both the local Designers and also international ones. Most of people who frequent the stores are lovers of latest design, unique things and the latest designs, the prices for the products sold in this upscale boutique are expensive. Check the stores out if you want a piece of style and fashion.



Feature image by : Becky Lai

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