6 Fascinating Beaches in Barbados – Go Get Your Bathing Suit Ready


Barbados is an island nation in Antilles, which is approximately 23 km wide, and 34 km long, making it a relatively small island. This is actually the destination where to find some of the best beaches across the region.  The perfect destination for family family vacation or even honeymoon retreat.  Approximately, it comprises more than 100 km of fine sandy beaches. It is full of beach resorts to choose and you will never get disappointed. In that regard, the following are top five most interesting beaches in Barbados.

1. Sandy lane beach

The beach is found in the center of the West Coast opulence. It provides the perfect destination for hanging out and watching the stars from one of the most popular Sandy Lane Hotels in the region. Additionally, some of the greatest world celebrities such as Cowell, Jagger, Madonna, Tiger Woods, and Pavarotti all honeymooned in this great beach along the Caribbean Sea. The beach is also a pristine white with its water very clear to a point where you can easily see your own toes wiggle.

2. Carlisle bay beach

This is one of the beaches located near Bridgetown. In fact, this particular beach is further categorized into various local sections such as Burke’s Beach, Yacht Club Beach, Browne’s Beach just to mention a few. However, the beach itself is a dazzling expanse that is popularly beloved by several people. At this beach, there are so many activities like skiing that you can do while here.

3. Turtle Beach

Down below and away on the south coast, past the Crane Beach and Sam Lord’s Castle is Bottom Bay, a wide vast beach with smooth rolling waves riding onto the shore.  At the peaceful eastern end of St. Lawrence Gap a sandy track leads to this nice stretch of beach known as Turtle Beach.  Although the waters here are not as calm as some as the other Barbados beaches it is still perfectly safe and appropriate for bathing. The waves create good boarding conditions while further into the sea, the surfers take advantage of the strong winds.  As the name suggests, the beach is also a favorite nesting spot for turtles, so if you’re lucky you may see a nesting turtle or baby hatching during the visit! (image  by turdferguson).

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Hatching usually take place in the late evening or at night and most hotels in Barbados, just like Turtle Beach hotel Barbados, are considerate enough to adjust their lights so as not to confuse the baby turtles who are often drawn to the lights.

4. Crane beach

It provides an amazing sight particularly from a perspective point of view like the Crane Hotel.  Crane beach is found towards the southeast of Barbados Island. The sea is made shallow and safe as the waves are completely broken down by a lengthy barrier reef, making the best and appropriate for any vacation. It is also easily accessible via the hotel properties or through public road.

5. Brandon’s Beach

This beach is located in the upper side of the island along where the West Coast begins. It is actually another stretch of great white sand. This beach becomes a Brighton Beach and it goes back into the Brandon’s Beach again. However, whatever name is given, it always retains its beauty. Here, just like in other beach resorts in the region, you have a wide variety of activities to do. You are rest assured of all beach activities.

6. Cattlewash Beach

Cattlewash beach is yet another Barbados beach that runs for so many miles along the east coast. It absorbs the full force of the first landfall of the Atlantic waves. Because of that, the surf experience is very magnificent that pounds in all day long and overnight. The place is rough and coarse with brown sand as well. It also offers different beach activities such as swimming, but its swimming places are little since only a few pools are available in secluded areas within the beach.

With these great beach resorts in Barbados, you are rest assured of various things to do, great sights to see and best entertainment that will leave you with good memorable experiences. Just one day is not enough to explore everything on this great island. Consider having your vacation in this great island along the Caribbean Sea.


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