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6 Good Reasons to Visit Phuket in 2014


Phuket Island is located in Thailand and is one of the South’s richest, most coveted, most visited and most popular destination among tourists. The destination, often known as the pearl of the south is the largest island in Thailand and it faces the Andaman coastline to the west. The island has beautiful limestone cliffs, tranquil broad ways, snow white beaches and a tropical rain forest. Marine activities are also common besides the cozy accommodation facilities, elephant rides and world class supreme hotels. Phuket is the place to be, this paradise has everything for you, if you are not a noise lover, and you will enjoy serene and peaceful holidays along the aquamarine seas while basking on the stifling sunshine. Delicious foods, lovely white sands, best of laid back vibes will accompany you along this paradise. Discover some 6 Good Reasons to Visit Phuket in 2014.


Phuket zoos will give you a life time opportunity to enjoy pleasure activities as you enjoy watching wildlife. These pleasure activities range from crocodile shows, monkey shows and elephant shows. With over six hundred bird’s species, one hundred species of amphibians and reptiles and forty five different species of mammals, you will have a lot to see all in ten hectares of land (image by



Holiday Buzzed Around the World RTW -Family Travel Holiday Vacation Travel Blog - 6 Good Reasons to Visit  Phuket in 2014

Wild monkey in Phuket


Phuket is home to some of the largest Buddhist temples and charming lures of Thai culture. Behind Chalong bay, you will get to Wat Chalong, one of the largest existing Buddhist temples in the world. The place is overwhelmingly honored in memory of two abbot effigies that were famous for their enchanted healing skills. In the middle of the island stands the Golden Buddha Temple, also known as Wat Phra-thong temple, the place is renowned for its half buried Buddha’s whose enthralling history backdates to long gone centuries.

Phuket Seashell Museum

This great historic museum is located near Rawai Beach on Viset road and boasts of archiving some of the rarest golden pearls in the world. Phuket Seashell Museum lies over two thousand collections of rarities some of which were the only discovered giant clams of the solitary left handed Noble Volutes. These fossils were one in existence over 380 million years ago.

Koh Sirey Island

This is a must visit town, its located on the East of Phuket town, the island is accessible via a small bridge. You will enjoy visiting ear shell farms, sea gypsy village, new and fine beaches and a lone temple on a hill among others. In about half an hour you will enjoy driving around the hilly island while seeing incredible inshore sights (image  by MooN_StaR).


Holiday Buzzed Around the World RTW -Family Travel Holiday Vacation Travel Blog - 6 Good Reasons to Visit Phuket in 2014

Koh Sirey Island

Amazing Nightlife

Thailand is quite famous for its quality nightlife most notably in coastal resorts and in Bangkok. The height of the night life is Haad Rin’s full moon party; this is a monthly occasion hosted on Kon Pha Ngan province. If you are looking for extremely notorious nightlife, visit Patong Beach located on the West coast; Phuket will always be in your heart.


Phuket is home to luxurious five star hotels and resorts; among them is the great Double Tree Resort Phuket. Here you can expect the warmest and most hospitable services; they also have other facilities like spa centers, restaurants and bars. As a vacationer you will enjoy the cozy atmospheres along the cozy beaches. Thai cuisines are among the great things you expect. Accommodation services are at their best. Rooms are well furnished and quite modern; you will enjoy affordable and delicious meals prepared by Thailand’s finest chefs. You can book for accommodation prior visiting for you to secure a room in some of the finest hotels in the city.

Indeed you have to visit Phuket to enjoy some of these great places in the world. Vivid memories will forever linger in your mind after visiting Phuket Island.


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  1. Jessica Tiare

    January 9, 2014 at 2:39 am

    I just got back from Thailand and now I’m so bummed I didn’t make it to Phuket, looks like an amazing city! Bangkok was a joy to explore though, as was the “monkey training college”, so cool! Will plan to visit here ned time!:-)