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6 Top Shopping Spots In New York City


New York City one of the best shopping hub in the world with top designers products and the latest fashion. Newyork is a fashion police you need to be in top of the game when in New York. Anything you want you will get it in the following shopping spots from designer perfumes to the best wine in the world.

Fifth Avenue

The most famous shopping spot in New York is the fifth avenue; you can’t go to New York without walking along Fifth Avenue. Fifth Avenue runs from the north to the south all through Manhattan, and the very main shopping area can be found from 14th Street up to 59th Street. Fifth Avenue is best known for its luxury boutiques and very big department stores. You can find an Apple Store, the Bergdorf Goodman, the Abercrombie & Fitch, the Banana Republic, the Gucci, the H&M,  the Michael Kors, Prada, the Victoria’s Secret, Tiffany & Co, and many more shops along 5th Avenue.(image by : Art Hill)

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Being the longest street in the Manhattan, it’s tough to think of the Broadway as one area. Broadway starts at the tip of the Northern Manhattan and runs all the way down to the Lower Manhattan. In the area of the Upper West Side of the Broadway, you’ll find many different kinds of shops lining along the Broadway. Close to the Columbia there are some very great college shops, while a little further down you will find big stores such as the American Apparel and the Urban Outfitters, as well as some smaller boutiques. In the Midtown Manhattan Broadway is of course most famous for its theaters, but you will also find many nice stores in this part of the city. Finally, in the Lower Manhattan and Soho especially, Broadway features many famous names such as the Topshop and the Bloomingdales.

Times Square

Times Square as a shopping spot you will  find some fantastic big name stores such as the M&Ms Store,  the  Disney Store,  the Sephora, the Toys R Us, and the Forever 21,with the latest fashions and designs.

Herald square and Madison square.

Herald square is best known for the Macy’s enormous flagship store, but it also has an appealing the Victoria’s Secret store as well as the Gap and many others designers shops. The streets around the Madison square Park and especially around the Union Square just south from Madison are all lined with awesome shops and boutiques.

Fourteenth Street

Fourteenth Street which is a street that runs from west to east in the Lower Manhattan. On the west side 14th Street runs through the Meatpacking District where it boasts very many boutique shops, while on the east side it borders the East Village where you will find many fun independently run stores. (image by : rockcreek)

Holiday Buzzed - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Fourteenth Street 6 Top Shopping Spots In New York City

Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market

It offers a wide array of the antiques, the vintage clothing and even the original art, and is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 5 pm. The Brooklyn Flea Market in Fort Green offers the antiques and the vintage items this flea market also offers a lot of original art and the quirky jewelry.

Lovers of shopping and designers New York is the place for you. Enjoy the latest fashion in the different shopping spots.



Feature image by : Chris Ford

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