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6 Unique Facts About the Egyptian Capital, Cairo


Located on the bank of the Nile River, in the north of Egypt, Cairo is one of the greatest capital cities of the world. Known by the name of Al-Qahirah, meaning The Triumphant in Arabic, it was a stronghold of many ancient dynasties throughout the ages. With its illustrious beauty, fascinating destinations, royal elegance and modern trappings, it is one of the most frequented tourist destinations in Egypt. It also boasts of the oldest and the largest film and music industries in the world and home to International business and media organizations. Check out some interesting and fun facts about Cairo here.

General facts and founder

Cairo is the capital of Egypt and houses one of the oldest civilizations in the world. It is the largest city in Africa, and has an area of about four hundred and fifty three square per kilometer with a population estimated at more than sixty nine million people. Cairo was a city  to serve as the royal enclosure for the Fatimid caliphs and it was founded in AD 969, situated on the banks of the Nile River in Northern Egypt. Cairo, the capital city in its 6000 year history was ruled by Pharaohs, Caliphs, Turkish Khedives, French Colonizers, British and Romans. (image by : Matt Champlin )

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Languages and names

The main language in Cairo, Egypt is  the Arabic language, although other languages like English are coming up and being spoken in Cairo. Cairo is nicknamed the city of a thousand minarets for its dominant Islamic architecture, Cairo is known as Al- Qahirah, meaning The Victorious or The Triumphant.

The Great Pyramid, built with about 2 million limestone blocks, is the largest and oldest of all the pyramids in Egypt. It took around 20 years to build the Great Pyramid of Cairo.The Ben Ezra Synagogue of Cairo is the oldest synagogue in Egypt.The Al-Azhar University of Cairo is the oldest university in the world, apart from being Sunni Islam’s primary seat of learning. The 14th century Mosque and Madrasa of Sultan Hassan in Cairo is one of the largest in the whole world.The Egyptian Museum in Cairo puts on display the largest collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities in the world.


Cairo observes Eastern European Time (GMT +2), and is 2 hours ahead of the Greenwich Mean Time.In Cairo, Sunday is not a part of the weekend, but a traditional day off. The legal drinking age in Cairo is 21 yrs. Cairo was hit by a plague for more than fifty times between 1349 and 1517 which led to the population being reduced to 300,000.

Death and dating.

Cairo is also known as the city of the dead has something which is hard to find in other cities – a four mile area which has a pile of tombs and mausoleums as well as a thriving community of the people. Dating is highly discouraged in Cairo.

Water and food.

Egyptians use a water pipe called Shisha in Egypt, but also known as a hookah or narghile. An Egyptian meal comprises of maize, which is similar to appetizers. It also includes hummus, stuffed grape leaves, ta’miyya, falafel, beans, and other light items. Egyptian desserts bassboosa, am Ali and so on. (image by : il-young ko )

Holiday Buzzed - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Water and food. 6 Unique Facts about the Egyptian capital, Cairo

The beauty of Cairo in Egypt has no comparison to any other city in the world. It is unique in its own way with unique people.



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