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6 Unique Historical Facts About Beverly Hills, California, United States


The Beverly Hill city is a popular tourist destination and features some of the largest houses in the county and in the United States.  Beverly Hills is known as one of the most expensive housing areas in the nation.  It is bordered on the north by the famous Santa Monica Mountains.  The Beverly Hills’ community has a large number of celebrity residents and a high number of Iranian-American communities living here.  The following are some historical facts about Beverly Hills.


Beverly Hill city got its named after a place in Massachusetts.  Although thought of it as a unique area of the country, the area was actually named after one of the developers’ memories of the rolling hills of Beverly, Massachusetts.

Original Inhabitants.

The original inhabitants of this region were the Tongva Indians.  They first made contact with the Spanish in 1769.  In the 1838, the land was deeded to Maria Rita Valdez Villa, the widow of a Spanish soldier, who then built the Rancho Rodeo de las Aguas.  The land was used mostly for cattle and sheep ranching until 1906, when it was organized as a residential area.(image by : ozfan22)

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The World’s First 24-hour Cupcake ATM

It takes your ATM card just like the ATM at your bank, but instead of giving you cash, it dispenses fresh sweet baked cupcakes.  Not only are they very delicious, but they taste even better because it is so much fun using your ATM in such a manner.  Home to first world cheesecake factory, Just one block off the Rodeo Drive on North Beverly Drive, lies the world’s first Cheesecake Factory, which was opened in nineteen seventy eight.

First Buildings

The pink stucco, the Mission style main building, was completed in 1912 back before there even was a city called Beverly Hills, and it had secluded bungalows that were partly concealed by twelve acres of tropical gardens.  The seclusion invoked an air of privacy on the hotel and the arrivals and departure of its guests.  In the late 1930s.  The Beverly Hills Hotel had white sand imported from the Arizona to fill part of the area surrounding the pool to create a faux beach for the hotels very popular Sand and Pool Club, the first artificial beach.


Beverly Hills is the only city to boast of having no Hospital, no Cemetery, no Billboards, and no Telephone or the Power Wires.  In the early 1900s, it was an interesting time in many cities in the west, as cars and animals did not always mix and mingle very well.  In 1930, horses were banned by the city of Beverly Hills.


The Beverly hill post office offers velvet parking for its client and Beverly Hills’ is the only city that police officers take less than a minute to respond to the emergencies.(image by : Kevin Lane)

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Beverly Hills is known as the rich per capital area with all the famous and known figures in the world once living there.  The beauty of it all is that Beverly Hills has its history that is very rich and interesting.



Feature image by : Tony Hoffarth

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