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7 Most Famous Full-Time Traveling Families in the World


The dream of leaving free to travel the world and explore is one that very few have actually personally realized, let alone with their families! There are 7 Most Famous Full-Time Traveling Families in the World that have been extremely successful in living this dream and living it to the fullest. The nomadic families have sold most of their possessions and the places they called home and set out to travel the world. Here is a description of 7 Most Famous Full-Time Traveling Families in the World:The Nomadic Family

The Nomadic Family

Meet Gabi and her Nomadic family. This is a family of 5 that has chosen to travel the globe. On their path to spiritual realization they have been hosted in the jungle of Ecuador by a native tribe, taught spirituality to many classes in Cambodian hostels for 28 weeks and are in the process of preparing to trek the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal.

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Meet the Dennings. They are a family of seven that has been globetrotting from the year 2007. They sold all their possessions, packed their then four children into their SUV and set off on an exciting journey around the globe. They started from Utah through Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, and finally to Costa Rica. Then later they moved to Panama before returning back to Utah in the year 2008.

Bohemian traveleBohemian travelersrs

Meet the Bohemian family. They are made up of five adventurers who began their long-term family travel 7 years ago. They first explored Central America then moving to the South East Asia. They have been homeschooling the kids, while exploring the beautiful and exotic parts of the planet. They found that nomadic families live a heck of a more fulfilling life than the ones stuck in the suburban rat-trap.

World travel family

Meet Alison (Mom), James (Dad) D and Boo (kids-6 and 8). This is a family of 4 that decided after 12 months of planning to join the ranks of nomadic families traveling the globe. They began early June, 2013. Traveling with kids has been an intriguing and magical experience to the mom and dad.

Travel with the blenders

Meet the blenders. The family of four set out to journey the world from May 5th, 2012 heading to Bali. From then on they have been around the world, learning, living and loving the amazing experiences they had there.

Wagoners abroad

Meet the Wagoners. The family of four set out to travel the world after anticipating and yearning for the day the daily routine of normal people would all end. The first thing they decided was to alter their dream statement from living and working internationally to living internationally and they did just that!

Edventure project

Meet the Millers. Just as the other nomadic families, they too sold most of their possessions and their family home and packed up what little that remained and away they went to see what the beautiful world had in store for them. They chose to take a year and tour most of Europe and also a section of North America, and they did all this…on their bicycles!

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