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7 Unique Attractions in Chicago Illinois USA


The many attraction and activity to do in Chicago has made it to a tourist hub. The Chicago city has so many unique attractions for you and your family. You will never miss something interesting to do in Chicago whether you are alone or with kids. The seven attractions in Chicago include.

The Lincoln Park zoo

The Lincoln Park zoo has more than one thousand one hundreds species of fauna, in the thirty seven five acres of land. The zoo has major fauna from all over the world, with playing park where you kids can enjoy rides and other kind of games. The eateries have all kind of dishes that you and your family can enjoy when you are there. In the zoo there is Pritzker Family Children zoo that gives children a chance to become comfortable with some animals.(image by : Joshua Bousel)

Holiday Buzzed - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - The Lincoln Park zoo 7 unique Attractions in Chicago Illinois USA

Chicago Navy Pier

The navy pier offers a lot of activities including entertainment and dinning. Here you can ride the ferri wheels, explored the smith museum of the stained glass window. You can take your kids to the Chicago kid’s museum, cruise through Lake Michigan and catch a play at the Chicago shake spear theater and cap your day at the Chicago navy pier with some spectacular fire works.

The Grant Park

Grant Park is a long sprawling Chicago park that separates the bustling urban development of the Chicago Loop with the scenic beauty of Lake Michigan. The grant park is a place to take a book and enjoy a quite time. The park has some fresh and cool air from Lake Michigan. It also has some jogging tracks for those who love to do some jogging with a fountain that is just simple and beautiful.

The wills Tower

The wills tower has some serious architecture beauty, having combination of five towers and on a windy day the towers usually sway back and forth for engineering purposes, another unique thing is that it is very hard to see the top of the tower if you are in the bottom. One thing that is very pretty wild is that you are able to see people standing on and within the glass-enclosed sky ledges one hundred and three stories above. (image by : karen)

Holiday Buzzed - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - The wills Tower  7 unique Attractions in Chicago Illinois USA

Shedd Aquarium

The Aquarium rest right on Lake Michigan and those who love adventure you can get via a water taxi. The aquarium has all that you need to learn about the marine life. The dolphin show is cool and the water for the show goes to the very edge of the building where the floor-to-ceiling windows showcase the water of Lake Michigan in the background.

The field Museum

The field museum is a natural history museum, it has permanent exhibits of the Native American, the dinosaurs, and it has twenty million different exhibitions of articrafts and specimen.

John Hancock Observatory

Located on the ninety forth floor of the famous John Hancock center and stands over one thousand feets tall. The elevator ride to the ninety forth floor lasts for forty seconds. The John Hancock will give you the best view of the Chicago city.

Enjoy the beauty of Chicago city, the beautiful views and the many places where you can spend your time enjoying entertainment and do not forget the beautiful hotel all over Chicago.



Feature image by : Matt Becker 

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