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The unique facts about the Bahamas will make your trip more enriching, enjoyable and fantastic. The Bahamas has become the worlds loved vacation destinations. The island is unique in its own way with its beauty outstanding. The following unique facts about the Bahamas will make you fall in love more with taking your vacation at the Bahamas.


The Bahamas archipelago is actually of the tops of banks that were formed somewhere between ninety and one hundred and twenty years ago from the coral reef formation. The famous pink beautiful sand beaches of the Bahamas get their colorful appearance from the many broken pieces of seashell mixed in with the sand. (image By : Adriaan Fenwick)

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Highest point

The highest point in the Bahamas is the Mount Alvernia on Cat Island, which is sixty three meters high. Now that is a nice climb! You can easily walk the length and the width of many of the smaller cays, which are usually abit flat. If you do find a hill to climb, it will be worth climbing it because you will be rewarded with some of the most beautiful views you have ever seen!

The Bahamas culture is a very mixture of Lucayan Indian, the European, and the African cultures. It is a reminiscent of many Caribbean island cultures and in that it has been influenced by its tropical surroundings. The Bahamas people are known for being   very friendly, outgoing and informal. However they do maintain a sense of decorum and they are very polite. Hospitality is an extension of their politeness is the way they are likely to know people, is by saying hello to strangers and then inviting them into their homes. Sharing a meal is the most common way to building a relationship.

Communication style

The Bahamians have a very lyrical, musical quality to their language, which is probably from their West African roots. Although they have direct communicators they are also quite adept at modifying their language to make it come across as friendly and insensitive as possible. Humor is also very much part of their communication style

Table Manners

Do not sit down until you are invited to and told where to sit and do not begin eating until the hostess starts. Table manners are Continental, the fork is held in the left hand and the knife in the right while eating. The Meals are often served in a buffet style or a family style. Always keep your elbows off the table and your hands above the table when eating. It is also considered polite to finish everything on your plate so you do not appear wasteful. If you cannot finish, you may leave a small bit of food on your plate.

Dining Etiquettes

If you are invited to a Bahamian’s house, arrive on time if invited to dinner no more than 15 minutes late or early if invited to a barbecue or a large party. Dress well, in clothes you would wear to the office. Dressing too informally may be misconstrued as a lack of respect towards your hosts. (image by : School of Business Montclair State University)

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Good friends and family give gifts for birthdays, Christmas, and other significant events in a person’s life


Relatively speaking the Bahamians take religion seriously

The Bahamians’ are generally friendly and welcoming people do not take their friendliness to be their weakness enjoys their infectious courtesy.


Feature image by :  Salvatore Serafino

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