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8 Unique French Dishes


Part of any culture is the local unique food and you must visit France in order to really enjoy the local dishes. If you are flying in from the United Kingdom, there are plenty of affordable flights from the UK to Paris, for example, flights from London to Paris. Nowaday that Air France runs affordable flights to Paris from many European cities, such as flights from Manchester to Paris, holiday to France was never before easier and more accessible. Not only are the flight fares pocket friendly, they are also a good way to save more money to use during the course of your stay in France. That aside, here are eight unique French dishes that you need to try when you visit. 

  1. Baguette

It’s safe to conclude that France is the nation in the world with the largest density of top quality, artisanal baguettes. A competition takes place every year to elect the “Meilleure Baguette de Paris”, and the names of best baguette chefs is a great resource to choose your provider. Remember to nibble on the crunchy, still-warm tip,as any Parisian does.

  1. Croque-monsieur

Most cafes and brasseries in the capital offer a stable of their menu – the Croque-monsieur – and non-stop service. The Croque-monsieur is a crisp and oozy grilled cheese and ham sandwich usually that is normally moistened by a Béchamel sauce touch. If you are hungrier, get the Croque Madame that adds one egg on top.



  1. Steak-frites

This easy pairing of grilled steak with a variety of optional chips and sauces is elevated to thoughtful heights when the steak is carefully matured and well selected, and the potatoes hand-cut, double-fried and fresh.

  1. Paris-Brest

Paris-Brest is named after an established bike race that sees participants cycle from Britany tip to Paris. The wheel shaped choux-pastry, sprinkled with browned almonds and shell-garnished with praline buttercream is guaranteed delight for sweet lovers.



  1. Duck confit

The confit method was originally developed to preserve fresh meat for later consumption. It involves frying ducks in their own fat, till the meat is fork-tender and stunningly moist. They are served seared till the skin turns crisp and golden.

  1. Jambon-beurre

Parisians love sandwich and the Jambon beurre is the best of French of sandwich. You can buy jambon-beurre from the counter of most cafes or get it from bakeries; it is available as fresh half baguette in both cases. Its inside is garnished with Jambon de Paris (a pink hued cooked ham) and smeared with butter, with optional cornichons.



7. Croissant

You will instantly be spellbound by the deep, lovely smell of fresh croissant coming from the air-vents of any bakery you walk past in wee morning hours while visiting France. This is your chance to taste this amazing dish and savor as Paris awakens. Unfortunately, only a few bakeries in France make their croissant from scratch – they purchase them frozen instead – hence it is worth asking to ensure your Boulanger engages in this delicious craft.

  1. French Fries

    French Fries

French fries are among the world’s most consumed side dishes. In addition, France is home to has some of the tastiest French fries thanks to the unique preparation method used by French chefs. Fries are often covered in vinegar, mayonnaise, or ketchup; however, that seems to the end of the universal preference.


Despite the name, French fries didn’t originate from France. Historians believe the origin of French fries to be Belgium where potatoes were fried in the late 1600s. US soldiers stationed in the country were introduced to this dish during WWI. Since the official language of Belgians was French, the soldiers nicknamed these fried potatoes French fries.’ The name stuck, and many years, credit is still being given to the wrong country.


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