A Canary Island Easter


If you’re looking to get away from the rain and drab skies this April, spend Easter filled with tradition and celebrations or if you’re just looking for a place that has guaranteed sun and surf then Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands should be the first destination to hop into your head like the Easter bunny.

Celebrations and Traditions

Mainland Spain and the Spanish Islands are largely Catholic and therefore Easter is a big deal here. So you can expect weeklong religious processions of colourfully-extravagant floats, music, and streets packed with people walking from churches to Cathedrals. All the Easter feast days are observed on all the islands, so no matter if you’re on Fuerteventura or Lanzarote, you will get the opportunity to experience the festivities from Palm Sunday (processions of islanders with blessed palm fronds waving in the air) and Holy Thursday is great even if you’re not Catholic, because a popular activity in Las Palmas during this time is to visit the seven religious monuments between Vegueta and Triana. (Image by ©hapulcu)

Spanish Islands

On Holy Friday (a highlight is to watch the Procession of the Mantillas (women wearing traditional Canary Island mantillas, which are beautifully intricate lace headwear) and Easter Sunday is a big to-do with multiple processions in various towns, food galore and a seemingly never-ending party with wine, music and dancing.

Food during Lent

When you visit Fuerteventura during Lent, you will notice that many restaurants and local “taberna’s” will serve meatless dishes following the Easter custom. This is an ideal time to try traditional Canary Island food like Sancocho (salted fish stew), Mojo Piccon (spicy sauce) with potato wedges as well as delicious desserts like Frangollo (a lemony milky pudding) and Torrijas (spiced honey and wine soaked bread dessert)

How to Get There and Around

By Boat: You can get around the islands with five weekly ferries and significantly faster jetfoils between major towns on the islands.

By Air: A popular airport is El Matorral and the easiest is to compare chartered Fuerteventura flights with popular airlines and travel agents to find the best deal that can connect you to mainland Spain and the Islands. If you need any further information on arrival, check the tourist offices in the arrivals hall of El Matorral.

With Easter just around the corner, consider a Canary Island holiday to combine exquisite weather, turquoise seas and customary celebrations this April.


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