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My vision of Greece is this – bright blue, almost blinding sea, hot sun, white-washed churches, chilled-out vibes, tavernas with delicious food and plenty of ouzo.  How blissful does that sound? And if you plan a great family vacation, even better!

There are some fantastic Greek destinations on offer, in fact it’s hard not to be spoilt for choice, yet one that offers lively night-life, fantastic shopping, great beaches, and that all important summer vibe, is Thessaloniki. A large city, busy port and beautiful beach resort all rolled into one, Thessaloniki offers a wonderful blend of modern and chilled, meaning no matter what mood you wake up in, you’ll find something to suit.

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Relaxing in the sun need not be preceded by stress and tiredness, despite the bad reputation that travel usually has! A good way to make sure you don’t growl your way through the airport experience is by making sure you’re fully relaxed prior to traveling. I’ve routinely booked a night at one of the Gatwick airport hotels for the last three holidays I’ve been on, and I can’t rave about it enough. Most large UK airports offer a service, such as the range of Heathrow hotels from Holiday Extras, so check out what’s available near you and be prepared to be surprised at the low cost. I’ll give you a cheeky head’s up, if you want even more savings check these Holiday Extras discount codes out!

Once you’re in the city, you’ll find it easy to get around, with a great bus network. The surrounding area really is beautiful, so if you can, I’d recommend hiring a car and getting out and about. Nearby Halkidiki is easily reached, and you’ll find lots of beach facilities there, and great water sports, if you fancy a change for the day.

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For me, summer is all about the beach. I love nothing more than chilling out on the sand with a good book, the sun beating down and the waves lapping at the shore. This idyllic picture is an everyday occurrence, with some fantastic beaches in resort.

For culture vultures and history fans, Thessaloniki offers some interesting places to visit. The White Tower is perhaps one of the most famous examples in the area, harping back to the 15th century, and there’s a museum there too. Hagia Sophia Church is also worth a visit.

This being a city as well as a beach resort, night-life is typically bright and varied. If you want to party, you’re in luck; if you want to sip cocktails and chat, you’re sorted; if you want to eat a delicious meal in a traditional taverna – check! Food-wise, you’re well catered for, with international menus on offer plentifully, but I’d certainly recommend trying some local cuisine, as well as a glass of local wine, or even ouzo.

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A Greek sunshine break is exactly what a summer holiday is meant to be – relaxing, fun, varied and bathed in golden sunlight. Thessaloniki offers such a fantastic blend of modern city life, and good old beach facilities, that it truly is a fantastic choice of destination. Combine your holiday with a pre-travel treat, such as one of the fantastic airport hotels on offer, and you’ll be relaxed before you even check in. I’ve also stayed at many of the on-site hotels at Manchester, and found some fantastic deals, so if you’re flying from the north, search hotels Manchester Airport, and see what you can find.

Sun? Check. The perfect sunshine break? Check!

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