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A Trip To Shimoga


Travels and tourism must be a part of our life. This adds spice to our life. Exploring many new places is a real good thing and most of us like to adventure new places. There are so many places in this world that everyone can just remain roaming the whole life. To talk about India, it has always been a tourist spot and many come in to look at the beautiful places in this country. I would like to write about a place known as Shimoga which is located in Karnataka.

Shimoga is the best choice to those who have a special liking for nature and wild life. I will list out some of the places which you would love visiting there.

Tavarekoppa Tiger/Lion Safari

This is a national park which is located at a distance about 10km from Shimoga. This park is enriched with ferocious animals who roam about freely and we are the one who are going to be caged if we want to see them. There is also a lion safari which takes us to the forest even to the denser areas, so that we can have a clearer look.

Shivappanaika Palace Museum

A museum which must be visited by all history lovers and those who want to go back to the past. You can enjoy the watery scenery because it is located in the banks of the Tunga River. It is actually a palace but also has a museum with many memorable things exhibited in it.

Jog Falls

You need to travel 100 km from Shimoga to enjoy these falls. One of the biggest waterfalls present. It is also known as the Gerusoppe Falls. Enjoy the water flow on you.

The Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary

If you wish to see a variety of birds in one place then you must visit this sanctuary. This location itself is a beautiful one because it is a small island. Different variety of birds visits this place.

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