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Accessible and Comfy Serviced Apartments in Kowloon, Hong Kong


Kowloon has got to be one of Hong Kong’s booming districts, as the urban area is located in the famous Nathan Road. Nathan Road (also known as the Golden Mile) is the main avenue in Kowloon, which goes from Mong Kok to Tsim Sha Tsui. It’s that part of the city that’s also been recognized for its bargain shopping and reasonably priced restaurants and hotels. Both tourists and local residents flock to this area to wine, dine, shop and be entertained. It’s certainly a place worth checking in, as it boasts some of the finest serviced apartments in Kowloon.

Why stay in a serviced apartment in Kowloon?

Kowloon may be perceived for its industrial and overcrowded area, so how does it attract vacationers and even expat executives? Well, there are actually plenty of reasons to stay in this part of the city, as it prides on its beautiful high-rise buildings and harbor views (especially at night), but other than that, Kowloon also boasts of its bargain shopping (items range from the latest gadgets, lavish jewelry, cheap clothes), especially in the areas of Jordan and Tsim Sha Tsui.

This remarkable location certainly makes it an ideal place not just to dine in and shop at. It’s also a great spot for finding accessible and comfy accommodations (especially after a long day of working, touring or shopping) as Kowloon hosts several fully furnished and fully serviced flats. It’s definitely a place in the city that you will take pleasure in staying in.


What to expect in a Kowloon serviced apartment?

Not only do the local residents benefit from staying in a serviced apartment Kowloon. Travelers and expat employees working in the area can also reside in this type of accommodation. Kowloon can be easily reached as several transport links (i.e. MTR links that serve the Mong Kok to Tsim Sha Tsui routes, buses and taxis) help make it accessible for everyone to get to. With that added convenience, you’ll no longer have a hard time going from one place to another.

Serviced flats in Kowloon also possess some of the latest amenities and facilities. Accommodations like these also offer rooms that range from studio units to 2-3 bedroom suites. They also offer spacious rooms (usually more spacious than a hotel room) that already provide the following:

A bedroom that is furnished with premium made linens, pillows and bed/s.
An en suite bathroom that is arranged with a rain shower, bathtub, bath accessories and toiletries.
A living room that is prepped with an entertainment facility (i.e. comes with the latest TV model and DVD set, gaming consoles with popular games, Wi-Fi connection).
A kitchen (typically one of the highlights of a serviced accommodation), which already comes fully equipped with the latest kitchenware and cookware.

Services that you can count on in a serviced apartment

You can also benefit from the many exclusive services that a serviced flat in Kowloon provides. There’s cleaning/housekeeping, 24-hour security, airport pick-up (usually offered at an extra cost), self-service laundry facilities, the use of their business center and more.

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