The most innovative and the fastest mode of transport are the airways. This type of transport requires advanced tools and equipment’s to carry on the passengers from one place to another. These airways are mostly very costly than other means of transport because it moves on through the sky. People prefer airways only to move from one country to another. Airways are categorized in to two broad ways one is that the aero planes are used for domestic purposes that are it travels only from one place to another inside the country. The next way is that it moves inter nationally that is it travels and takes the passengers from one country to the another .inorder to travel on aero planes the passengers must be ready with his/her passport which is used along with their air ticket.

This passport shows to which country we belong to and the visa system pertains to assure that the other country government permits us to enter in to their country and this is a sort of a approval fetched for the passengers. Another set of airways are the helicopters. Mostly business man and most high class people own the helicopters for their private use. A helicopter could take maximum of only 2 passengers and it is mostly confidential whereas the airplanes could take more than 700 passengers per travel.

The aero planes are the fastest means of travel and all sorts of facilities are provided inside the aero planes. Here the food beverages and all sorts of drinks as well as entertainment media are provided. The last forms of airways are possible through the jet planes because it could carry passengers within a minimum time but it could take only 10 to 150 passengers per travel. Airways has set a remarkable history in recent times.

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