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Avoid the 5 Critical Mistakes When Getting a Travel Insurance


The purpose of buying a travel insurance is to protect yourself against the uncertainties that are associated with travels. However, it can be useless to you if you don’t do it carefully. The following are some of the critical mistakes that are commonly committed when buying a travel insurance.

· Being ignorant of the terms & conditions and details of coverage

Most travelers are always in hurry to buy a travel insurance before reading and understanding the terms and conditions of the insurance company. Assuming that all travel insurance cover the same damages can be dangerous because different insurance companies cover different damages. You may end up in a situation that is not covered and find yourself in a difficult state. Travelers are therefore highly advised to read and understand the insurance policy before buying the travel insurance.

· Buying the insurance Cover from Companies with bad reputation.

Travel insurance should not be bought from any company whose reputation is not known. Some compa


nies may be known for frustrating its clients during compensation of the damages. Other companies may be popular in hiding valuable information from the clients. Such companies should be avoided at all cost. Travelers are advised to carry out a comprehensive research about insurance companies before buying travel insurance. Even after picking on the best insurance, you should feel free to ask them about any detail that seem to be important to you.

· Delaying to Buy the travel insurance till the last time.

Buy the travel insuranceThis is one of the most commonly committed mistakes by the travelers. Most travelers are fond of waiting for the trip to get nearer before buying the travel insurance cover. This habit is dangerous because the future is always unpredictable. An important situation can emerge that may force you to cancel the trip and therefore you may end up losing the payment for the ticket. Fortunately, if you had bought a travel insurance, then you can be compensated for the loss. Some insurance companies require that the travel insurance be bought one week earlier before the day of travel. In such a case, if you buy later than the stated time, then your trip may end up not covered. This is risk because life is full of unprejudiced challenges; a family member can get sick and necessitate for treatment during the trip. If there is no enough cash, then you may find yourself in a difficult situation.

· Engaging in Activities that are not covered by the Insurance Policy

Sometimes travelers may be overpowered by the urge of participating in an exciting yet dangerous game during the trip. This is risky because if anything bad happens such as breaking the knee during the game, then you must dig into your pocket for treatment. Travelers are therefore advised to stick to the activities that are covered by the insurance policy. Going to uncovered places is also discouraged.

· Lack of Knowledge on how to claim for Compensation.

Most travelers who buy travel insurance lack clear information of the procedures and requirements when claiming for compensation from the Insurance Company. Travelers are encouraged to seek for the information from the companies if it is not included in the policy.


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