Best Restaurant Technology for Better Service


Whenever evaluating technology-based service for your restaurant, consider not only the cost but how it benefits the business, the employees and, most importantly, your customers. Simply introducing new restaurant technology without a proper research can affect the customer’s satisfaction, lose business and waste money. Keep in mind that customer satisfaction is the most important revenue driver for any business.

Some of the restaurant technologies tools commonly used these days that are definitely improve customers experience by reducing waiting times and increase interaction.

Restaurant Pagers

Pagers give customers the freedom to wait anywhere around the restaurant or by the bar, enjoying drinks and socializing with their friends, making the waiting time more tolerable and less stressful. They are more relaxed knowing that the will not miss being called to their table when it is ready.

Order-Entry Touch Screens

By entering all orders using the POS system touch screen technology, the process is simple, more efficient and fewer mistakes are made. POS systems are even portable so servers can take orders at the table instead of a central station. In large or multiple level restaurants this can save several minutes per order which results in a positive guest experience.

Kitchen Display Systems

The KD (Kitchen Display) screens monitors that you normally see hanging above the kitchen work stations at most fast food operations transmit information from the POS station directly to the production/kitchen area.  The KD will show the prep time for each order and change colors if it is taking too long to make. This reduces service time, and expedites the order all without the server having to write on paper tickets.

Using Restaurant Technology for Environmental Control

Restaurant owner can install a programmable thermostat for consistent environment setting for patrons comfort. Control your lighting, depending upon the time of day, with different colors and types of lights using energy-efficient lighting technology for more intimate experience for your customers. Appropriate and suitable music, games or entertainment systems can be accessed through internet or satellite connections for a more enjoyable and interactive surrounding.

Internet Technology or Multimedia

Many restaurants provide Wi-Fi access these days for guests to get some work done or surf the web while waiting for their food. Maintain interaction with your customers through Twitter, Facebook, and other social websites.  They can blog about their experience, leave comments and feedback which you can use to continue to improve your restaurant.

What’s next in Restaurant Technology?

How about individual table-top POS touch screens so the customer can place their own order? Using mobile apps to pay the check will be the next big convenience your guests will want.  This will streamline restaurant bookkeeping plus capture customer information for marketing purposes.

When considering the new rollout restaurant technology, have a backup plan for your customers who don’t embrace new technology or carry smart phones. Restaurant technology should not take away the human interactions so teach your staff to be more alert to customers having trouble with any new system. Restaurant technology experience should be fun for your customers, ensure that staff is always available to assist whenever needed.

The old rules still apply in the survival of any restaurant business, regardless whether they are using technology or manual labor, and that is great customer service, reasonable price, good food, strategic location and good environment.

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