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Best Things to do in Singapore


Singapore, the Lion City is one of the most desirable and great locations for a vacation. Despite having a small land area, it is cram packed with attractions. It is a juncture of many cultures, languages, and religions. Hence it has a great diversity of the places and things that you can see. You can do a lot of things in Singapore like being in the middle of nature to strolling down some of the busiest streets of the world. Be in the middle of historical monuments or promenade in some of the most beautiful modern structures. We will list out some of the great things to do in Singapore.

Visit Sentosa:

It is an island located on Singapore’s southern coast. Known for its beautiful beaches and seaside resorts, it has something to offer to everyone. You can just spend your time on the beach or visit the S.E.A aquarium, Tall Ship Royal Albatross, Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom, Sentosa 4D Adventureland, Madame Tussauds Singapore or the Tiger Sky tower. If you don’t want to spend too much money you can just watch the sunset from one of the sheltered beaches and feel great. The atmosphere around here is just wonderful.

Rent a local condo:

If you want to have the comfort and safety of your own house all the way in Singapore, a hotel would just not cut it. The best option for you is to rent a condo and we know of one of the best places to do so. The Alexandra area is a great location to rent condos. Alexandra condos do not only offer very reasonable rates, but also you don’t have to travel too long from it to reach most of Singapore’s attractions. Less travel means you have more time to enjoy the location. Add to the safety and peace of mind and you have a deal you can’t ignore.

Enjoy the sumptuousness of the food courts:

One of the many joys of visiting a new place is getting a taste of the local cuisine. That is the wonderful thing about Singapore. Being this culturally diverse provides you with the opportunity to taste different types of dishes from all over the world. That is not all. This amazing experience is all yours for a very low rate. If you visit the food courts, you will get to eat great food at unbeatable prices. Add to that the wonderful feeling of eating next to people from all over the world and it is an experience you have to live through to be able to understand.

Be captivated by the Marina Bay Sands:

It can be called the Las Vegas of Singapore. If you want to know how it is like to be at a modern resort that was built with being a tourist location as the only aim, then you have to visit this place. It is home to the Skypark, which is the world’s largest elevated swimming pool. From here you can see the amazing skyline of Singapore and words can’t do justice to how magnificent it feels up there. It is also home to many boutique shops and hosts musical events, plays, and boxing matches.

Explore the Botanic Gardens:

With Singapore being mostly an urban jungle, it is impossible to believe that you can enjoy the best of nature here as well. Earlier it was difficult to get to the Botanic gardens, but with the introduction of the MRT subway, it is much faster and easier to get here. Once you enter this place, which is free by the way, you feel like you are in the cradle of nature. The atmosphere is very soothing and calming. There are lakes and other wonderful places to visit here. The fact that it is the only tropical garden in the world to be declared a UNESCO world heritage site should give you an idea why it is a must see location.

Get a taste of home at Little India:

Located on the east of the Singapore river, this is another place you need to see not only if you are missing home, but if you also want to see how a community of Indians is doing so well in a place far away. It has many sites worth seeing with an Indian flavor such as the Veeramakaliamman Temple and Leong San See Temple. You must definitely go to Serangoon Road which houses many shops selling native Indian items. Tekka Market is another place here you should see to be part of an Indian market with a Singapore twist.

Experience another major culture at China Town:

As the name suggests, this is the place in Singapore that has a culture closer to the Chinese. As it has great historical and cultural significance, many parts of Chinatown have been declared world heritage sites. If you happen to be in Singapore during the Chinese new year then this is the place to be. Some of the places you need to visit here are Pagoda street, Night market, Duxton Plain Park, etc. I would like to make a special mention to Smith street for its open-air food courts.

Soak yourself in art and culture at the Esplanade:

The cultural capital of Singapore, it has both paid and free shows every evening. The building housing this center is a work of art in itself. Your stay in Singapore would be incomplete without experiencing the cultural riches of this place. The diversity and the rich history of Singapore are showcased here and it is a rejuvenating experience to be part of it.

A visit to Singapore should be on everyone’s bucket list as this place keeps booming. Having said that, if you can visit only one place in Singapore then it should be the Merlion. It is a unique symbol that is synonymous with Singapore. Depicted as a half lion and half mermaid, you need to be here and take a few photos next to it. Add to that its wonderful location, you can get breathtaking views of Singapore and all of this at no extra cost. Singapore was a place in history where people primarily came for trade, but in the process, they have shaped it into a beautiful and marvelous location. Everyone should get to know how it feels to be here at least once in his or her lifetime.


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