Budget Dinner Date Ideas for Couples


If you are planning a date for that someone special, you definitely want to make a good impression. However, you might not have very much cash to make it happen. That’s alright! There are lots of inexpensive dinner date ideas that you can pull off cheaply and quickly – without looking like it. We are going to show you a few great budget dinner date ideas that you can try out for your next date.

Cook a meal at home

Pick one – any one. It could be breakfast, lunch or dinner. Even brunch, if you’re into that sort of thing. What makes this date so inexpensive is because you probably already have lots of, if not most of, the ingredients you need for a special meal right in your kitchen. The more you have, the less you have to buy, right? Plus, the effort you put into cooking the entire meal yourself is going to earn you some serious bonus points with that special someone. Win/Win!

Order takeout

You can still do the have dinner at home thing that we mentioned earlier, but instead of cooking you could order takeout instead. Lots of restaurants are now offering online food ordering so that you can call ahead to have your meal waiting for you to pick up or opt for having it delivered to your door. Ordering food online is a good way to take advantage of any advertised specials or promotions that the restaurant may have going on. And your date will be none the wiser because you did it all online!

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Plan a picnic

There are lots of ways you could dress up this budget dinner date idea and have fun with it, too. As for the menu, you could make sandwiches and other finger foods or have a fruit and vegetable spread instead. One you get the menu planned out, all you need is the perfect sunset location and you have created a fabulous romantic evening – inexpensively, too.

Attend a local food tasting

Many urban areas have frequent food tastings where several chefs or restaurants come together to offer various samplings from their menus. The portions are often small, but sometimes they are full-sized. The events usually cost $10 or less and you get to try a wide range of dishes from your favorite local eateries and perhaps even a few you haven’t tried yet.

Go buffet

You can usually find a few buffet-style restaurants in every town. The choices may be Mexican, Chinese or even pizza. During the lunch hour, most of these restaurants will have special prices that are considerably cheaper than their dinner prices are. However, even if you do decide to go for dinner, buffet-style restaurants are still a great value.

Have someone else cook

Maybe you have a brother, sister or mother that absolutely LOVES to cook and entertain guests. In that case, have them invite you and your date over for dinner one night. You could bring wine or some other addition to the meal or you may choose to go the potluck route and bring a whole dish. Either way makes for a great, yet budget-friendly date.

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