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Budget Stay Options In Australia


Accommodation is without a doubt the most important aspect when on holiday or out of town. Accommodation allows the traveler to relax, relieve fatigue as well as enjoy meals and refreshments. Many aspects come into play when considering what type of accommodation to settle for, this will include ;the duration of stay, availability of other amenities, locality and most important being the cost of the accommodation facility. Among the accommodation facilities in Australia include the following;


This is the most common type of accommodation; hotels come in different classification with each class of accommodation suitable for particular needs. Low budget hotels are widely available in Australia and will be located in the centre of towns as well as in secluded spots. Hotels will on most occasions offer breakfast, lunch and supper either as “a la carte’ or buffet. Additional amenities will include a lounge, a swimming pool, pool bar, games room and TV services among other services.


Staying in hostels is considered more economical than staying in a hotel; hostels will offer limited services as compared to hotels. Basic hostels will provide breakfast and bed with lunch or supper being optional. This type of accommodation is suitable for short stays and for a person who is rarely indoors since few entertainment or recreational activities are available.

Guest Houses

Guest houses come in different styles and also offer different services, some guest houses will come close to hotels in regard to services offered while some will be similar to hostels. Guest houses also come with limited services as compared to hotels, guest houses are usually situated in the town centers thus offer quick and easy access to other amenities available in the region. Guest houses lack the luxurious facilities such as in house entertainment, heated swimming pools, or expansive relaxation spaces offered by similar sized hotels.


This is the most basic type of accommodation available in Australia, it features a simple bed set in a room or space shared by other people. It offers the least privacy and luxury. Dorm stays will be most suited for short term stays or a night stop over. It is the most affordable accommodation facility due to its cheap cost. Dorms are usually situated in the towns or within close proximity to the town center.

Private rooms


 This are similar to hotels but are designed to cater for a small group of guests. Private rooms are usually located away from the busy central district, thus well suited for additional privacy. Private rooms are also luxurious and feature added recreational facilities just like hotels; this might include a swimming pool, a lounge, laundry services etc.


Apartments also come in different types, some sharing similarities to hotels while others offer a home like environment. This type of accommodations is all rounded having either single rooms, twin rooms, two or even three bed roomed apartments. Cost of apartments is typically among the highest.

It is essential to undertake a detailed analysis in finding out the type of accommodation, the location, cost as well as the services available. This can be done through referrals, social media as well as searching through the internet. Due diligence will go a long way in avoiding inconveniences or paying exorbitant charges for a low cost facility.

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