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Camel Ride Experience In The Sahara Dune Field Of Erg Chebbi Morocco


Ride your camel over the dunes and view the stunning desert scenery. This overnight camel ride tour offers spectacular views and a good chance to experience the desert nomad lifestyle. Eat a delicious traditional Moroccan tagine, take part in a drum circle dancing, and sleep in an authentic Berber tent. See the pink flamingoes at an oasis near the Merzouga, and search for the desert reptiles and the mammals as you trek.

How to reach there.

The Merzouga can be reached in a rental car or with public transport as there is a paved and surfaced road between the Rissani and the Merzouga. However, to reach the small hotels along the dune line which does mean crossing a section of unpaved road, you need a jeep or a 4×4 car.

Camel ride

The camels will be packed with food, blankets and everything else that you we will need on the journey. Mounting a camel is unusual because camel legs have double joints so initially you are thrown forward there is a bar to hold and then backwards as the camel stands up. The trek will start right into the desert, where it is completely secluded. The camel ride path will take you and lead us to a small oasis right in the middle of the dunes. This is where we will spend the night. It will be a magical night as the sky is very clear of cover and the stars sparkle and shine with intensity.(image by : Pierre Riche)

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Building of campfire at night and playing drums and singing the songs of the Berber, Toureg and southern Moroccans. Listen to Gnawa musicians and whirl to the rhythms of the desert. Search for a fossil in the fossil beds near Erfoud, Visit Merzouga to watch the world pass by as you sip mint tea in the Sahara. Visit the Souk in Rissani and the Apothecary for spices & saffron. Walk through palm grove gardens where crops are grown. Visit the seasonal lakes, perhaps see flamingos in spring. Sand Boards for sand surfing, Quad bikes are available for you to enjoy the desert with.


For your accommodation in the desert you can have accommodation in the dunes as there are small cozy bivouacs. The bivouac is supported by a traditional mud type of a house, hosting a dining room, toilets and beautiful patio, as well as several nomad tents spread around the dunes. (image by : UK Ministry of Defence)

Camp Bastion Accommodation

What to carry

You need to carry very light essentials and the only things you can carry are the one that the camel will be comfortable carrying. The tour guide will have water and drinks included in their prices but you can carry extra for yourself. Carry sunscreen and sunglasses and dress lightly since the place is hot

Enjoy the camel ride; learn more about the nomads life how they survive but you will be doing it in a luxury way since the accommodation in the dunes are comfortable enougn,and yes you can take the camel ride with your teenager kids and enjoy the beauty of nature.



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