Care to Travel 2,000 KM and be Back Home for Dinner on the Same Day?


Flying these days has never been more affordable.  If you’re looking for a fine birthday gift to Paris, a sweet escape to Geneva, a spontaneous getaway to Barcelona, or simply looking to enjoy a great day in any far away city or a neighboring country, there are several airlines, such as Easy Jet or Ryan Air, who offer same day flight scheduling. This enables you to commute in the early morning to various amazing destination in Europe and return back to your home that same evening.

With an average flight of three hours, you can get from London to almost any capital city of Europe and back for less than 100 pounds. Here are some wonderful flights and sample itinerary advice to make your one-day getaway ideal.

1- London Gatwick to Geneva, Switzerland

The earliest flight leaves London at 6:30 AM while the latest flight departs from Geneva at 21:45 PM. Even after calculating airport time, this gives us almost twelve hours for exploration and fun. Geneva, famous for its surreal skiing, is the ideal European city for ski resorts.  Crozet Resort and Chamonix, ironically located in France,  are closest to Gatwick and only a thirty minute bus ride away.  Imagine the joy of you off skiing or snowboarding in the Alps in less than four  hours away from London.  (image by Kendall).

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2- London Gatwick to Barcelona, Spain

If you’re more of a summer person, Barcelona is always sunny. Starting with April, there’s proper weather for the beach almost daily. The earliest flight takes off from London at around 7 AM and the latest takes off from Barcelona at around 22:00 PM. So here is your perfect holiday getaway adventure at the beach. You can also get in some great shopping as there are plenty of cheap and chic shops in Barcelona. Walking around the city of Barcelona and meeting the other free-spirited people will certainly boost your energy level for weeks.

3- London Gatwick to Paris, France

If you’re in search of the perfect getaway involving long, leisurely walks, then Paris it is. If you want to do nothing all day and still enjoy it, the capital of France is clearly your best bet. Of course should you want to be more active, you can visit some famous tourist attractions or merely meander around the town and be delighted by intimate café, cool vintage clothing shops, or underground French rap clubs. Paris is the kind of city where you don’t necessarily require accommodation for you can literally hang out all night long. So, if you are a night owl, move your plans to later by leaving London around 2 PM and come back either at 7 AM or 6 PM the next day if you want to hang out more.

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4- London Gatwick to Berlin, Germany

Berlin was voted by tourists in 2013 as the best European city. It would be awesome if you could take 24 hours off to spend in Berlin as you may need some time to recover. There are plenty of free activities which you can attend,  and especially during the summer, tons of open-air events and block parties. Berlin is such a vivid city that you may prefer to not invest your time and money at eating at a fancy restaurant but rather try out some their excellent street food. No matter what activities you choose to pursue there, you have a very good chance of finding a ticket for less than 100 pounds both ways.

5- London Gatwick to Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is a pure traveler’s haven, and with a little bit of luck you will be able to find a ticket that costs a few pounds over fifty. After a short two and a half hour flight from Gatwick, you enter a world completely different than you have ever expected. Get ready to confront several cultural shocks and to enjoy hearing and reading a foreign language. Amsterdam is the best place to go to have non-stop fun, meet tons of interesting people, and replace your routine with the exciting. It’s the perfect adventure to experience alone or with friends so be sure to book cheap tickets in advance. (image by Doug).

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So, regardless if you’re seeking a quiet, lazy getaway or an adventure-filled escape,  a one-day European trip ensures that you can use your time effectively without undue long commutes. And since you are leaving from London’s Gatwick airport, keep in mind that the airport offers amazing and affordable short term Gatwick parking services.  This solutions is an amazing one if you chose to get to the airport using your own vehicle.

Enjoy your day trip and stay safe!


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