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Coastal Paradise Get Away in Brighton UK- Four Things You Must See



The sunny city of Brighton is one of the most special towns in the United Kingdom. It’s a place where both urban and natural environments live in total peace with each other. Where the sun shines over a city that can only be described using metaphors and hyperboles.

Still, Brighton is almost as big as it is beautiful, so, in order to enjoy it with no pressures nor transport trouble, it is recommended to hire a car while in Brighton. Booking a rental car is the easiest way for a tourist to move around Brighton avoiding trouble.

Now, please let us introduce four of the many places that make Brighton one of the most beautiful places in the whole of Britain.


1- The Brighton Pier:

Also known as the Brighton Marine Palace and Pier, is a monumental pleasure pier with everything you might want to do, from playing video games to enjoying fantastic and unique rides. The Pier also has a very nice selection of places where gastronomy meets art in a wide range of flavors and textures, like the World of Donuts or the Palm Court Restaurant. It’s a perfect mix of modern and save the planet mentality.

To make things better, the Pier often hosts special events that add another drop in its cup of perfection. Be safe to avoid having to use your travel first aid kit, OK?

2. The Royal Pavilion:

With its mixture of occidental taste and history plus oriental appearance, the Pavilion prides itself on being a place where anyone can dream about being a prince, surrounded and intoxicated by its overwhelming luxury. From the wide and magnificent Music Room to the dreamy bedrooms with cushion-like carpets, the Pavilion is one of the most beautiful palaces you can see.


3. The Royal Pavilion Gardens:

These gardens are almost as wonderful as the palace too. No changing keys here friends. The Royal Pavilion Gardens are a completely relaxed environment with the smell of the sea and the music of the musicians and bands that choose to play there, effectively becoming a somehow magical place when time both freezes and flies quickly.

 4.  The Brighton Wheel:

doubles up as an enormous, state-of-the-art ride and a point where you can see the whole town while enjoying a calm moment. Every ride lasts for 12 minutes, which translate themselves as three full spins in an attraction with an amazing diameter of 45 meters (About 50 yards!). It’s a perfect place, almost as cool as the Greek ones,  to stop and decide where to go next just by pointing at it from the skies.

And, of course, as a coastal paradise, no visit should skip the Brighton Beach, easy to book things for, and a pebble beach where anyone can find something interesting to do, from relaxing to trying water sports or sailing.


Apart from these four, Brighton has indeed dozens of places to see. If you’re visiting in high season, you may want to avoid trouble by booking a rental car from Enterprise Rent-A-Car, one to satisfy the transport needs that you or your family may have. If you’re visiting Brighton, it’s a good idea to book one the sooner the better in order to make sure that you get the one you want. Your vacation in Brighton UK can be the ideal vacation if you have the freedom to enjoy it on your own terms.

Have fun!

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