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Cruise the Floating Markets in Thailand- Enjoy the Culture


Floating markets have recently started to become tourist attraction sites but they can’t be considered as a new idea, they have been in existence for many years, Bang Kong is a good example, it used to be covered in canals which served as their roadways, business was conducted on boats as vendors and merchants sold their goods.  Modern floating water markets are more considered as a form of entertainment. In Thailand there are many floating markets, here are some of the best floating markets.


The market is most visited on weekends as it attracts the entire neighborhood, here you will enjoy some of the best Thailand dishes, shrimp and grilled squid are some of this market most popular dishes. The weekend marks the peak and here you will get to interact from people of all walks of life as they try to get you buy their products, Thai’s culture and tradition items are also showcased.


This is another vibrant market in Thailand. The market islocated in southern Bangkok, it features shop galore that have variety of food options for everybody making its theme to be more of like a garden lunch feel. Trees at either side of the canals provide you with shade. You can spend some time relaxing from shop to shop as there is no hurry in this part of the world.

Taling Chan

The market is best known for its roasted sea food, the most popular being the roasted sea snake. You can also try some crabs legs or prawns as well as other marine foods. At the edges of the canals; hundreds of foods will welcome you and spoil you for choices.(image by Alpha).

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Damn Saduak

Located far from Bangkok, about one and a half hour away, you will get to a busy traditional mall and one of the most significant floating markets in entire Thailand. Flocks of tourist get to these markets every weekend; this is facilitated by the presence of organized tour services which bring groups of tourist to the region. Here you will get loads of souvenir and trinket shops that will give you an awesome opportunity to be part and parcel of Thailand. It also gives you a chance to get tangible things that you can take back to your country and remember Thailand, other than food. There are also numerous foods that have amazing and lingering flavors that you can always try.

Bam Nam Phueng

Despite being an old market, this market is one of the best floating markets in Thailand. It has been rehabilitated and uniquely designed just to meet the demand of tourists getting to floating markets. It stands as a leisurely market that you can stroll along its banks or cruise on its nice waterways as you enjoy to see traditional Thai food that best showcase Thai’s culture.

As a visitor, floating markets give you the chance to get to the heart of business where natives are selling and bargaining on floating boats. Here you will find vegetables as well as fruits being sold, there are also Thai’s selections of specialties ranging from papaya salad, rice, curries, roasted chickens and chilies pastes and other products that prepare Thai desserts. There are also varieties of blooming plants that are brought by plant collectors to be sold on the market, clothes are also sold. Make sure you get to the floating markets the next time you are in Thailand, you will simply love the experience.


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