Cruising the Mediterranean Sea – What is to See


If you want to experience the entire Europe in a cheap and affordable way, you should consider getting to a Mediterranean cruise. Most cruises are either into more of eastern Mediterranean or the western Mediterranean. Eastern gets you to the likes of Greece and Turkey while western cruises get you Malta and Italy among others. Most cruises include Egypt to give people a chance to see the great pyramids. There are a number of must see places if you are in board a Mediterranean cruise.

Rome, Italy

Rome is undoubtedly one of the top places you expect to see, it’s one of the most beautiful cities of the world.  You will get to see the Vatican Museum, the Colosseum, the Pantheon and the great St Peter’s Basilica. If you happen to get to Civitavecchia Port, then you need to take a bus and get to Rome in an hour’s time.

Valletta, Malta

Malta is located in the heart of Mediterranean Sea, its home to Valletta city which is a must see city that’s full of history buffs. At Malta, you can explore the Hypogeum which is one of the world’s oldest burial site, Grandmaster’s palace and ST. John Cathedral. Besides touring Malta, you might just decide to relax and have a nice meal at the many restaurants that are along Valletta Waterfront or better still shop at some of the souvenir shops around. Valletta city is an awesome place to be in.

Pisa and Florence in Italy

The two destinations are prime places to see and the good thing is that they are located near each other. They also happen to share the same port of call, Livorno. Getting to Florence only requires a 60 minute train ride. You should set like two days to see most of the tourist attractions sites in these places such as the Accademia which houses the original “David” masterpiece that was done by Michelangelo’s as well as Leaning Tower of Pisa.(image by Sebastian Fransson).

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Kusadasi, Turkey

Kusadasi is also another great must see and must get too destination. Here you will have a chance to explore the great ancient city of Ephesus which happens to have the best conserved Greek ruins that are outside Greece. Getting to Ephesus requires you take a local taxi or by bus, a private tour with some local company will be the best especially if you want to learn more about the place. Local private tours are usually in expensive and have also well knowledgeable guides who will get you to the ruins safely.

Athens, Greece

Athens is also another top place you ought to see while in the Mediterranean, it has numerous attractions that are globally renowned such as the National Archeological museum and the great Acropolis which both are real treasures. The museum is full of stunning Greek art and artifacts.  If your cruise allocates you more time in Athens you might consider getting to the Hyda Island which features the orthodox Monasteries, Temple of Poseidon and also the National Gardens.

There are lots of places to see when cruising the Mediterranean, you can consider getting on board with your family as well as they will have tales to tell after the cruise.


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