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Don’t Miss The Magic of Italy on Your Honeymoon


Italy is a famous honeymoon destination, couples will flock from far and wide to come and have their nice and peaceful moments in this part of the world especially after those long and tiring weddings. Don’t miss out the magic on your honeymoon these are some top reasons why people will opt to come from far and wide just to have their honeymoon in Italy.

Italian food

To Italians, it never matters whether you are taking a simple bowl of pasta or you are having some expensive pizza, their food is just prepared with lots of skills. Pizzas will be baked in wood burning stoves, the best being the Italian pizza Margherita which is named after one of Italy famous queens.

Italian wine

Honeymoon is never complete without having some good natural brewed romantic wines that evoke pheromones of love, Italy is mother to some of the world greatest wines and for some reasons, its believed that wines taste best when taken from the countries they were made in, have your best wine flavor with your sweetheart and enjoy the romance that follows.

Real Italian ice cream

You can say you got to Italy without having one of those famous Italian ice creams, prepared with unique Italian flavors, you will be spoilt for choices, there are many flavors of mango, tutti frutti, spagnola, pineapple, nutella, nut and chocolate, coffee, Pistachio, Strawberry, lemon, peach and crema.(image by Aron Danburg).

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Italian cities and towns

Italy is home to the old and the modern both integrated at a higher atmospheric scope to come up with some of the world s most coveted for cities. Rome is one of its most beautiful modern cities known for its stylish shops and busy traffic but from another point of view, you will get to see some of the ancient structures like the ruins of The Forum, The Colosseum and Palantile hill. Pisa and Florence, Bologna and Parma are yet four other places you ought to get to for your Italian honeymoon.

Italian Cappuccino

The best of all is the moments you will derive when drinking the Italian Cappuccino (coffee made down to type of an art) that’s made by barista.

Italian beauty

As a couple you will find Italy not only as an exciting country, but also a beautiful country worth visiting. You will love to see the beautiful landscapes, feel the nice weather and enjoy the good taste of Italian lifestyle.

Italian shops

The magic of Italy is found in its shops, you will get wonderful displays of designer clothes, jewelries, chocolates and other fantastic products that your sweetheart will definitely like them as a gift, don’t buy too many goods because of luggage restriction at the airport.


Italians have a very good family culture, you will love to see togetherness and cooperation at its best, you will get everyone being included in a meal out, from the aged grandparents to the one year old siblings, and no one is left out. They all embrace each other with love. It’s also great to watch Italians go about their everyday life; they always have that air of gracefulness. You will see women do their shopping in bicycles irrespective of what they are wearing, in summer, both men and women look unruffled but still elegant.

Italy is a good place to be, you will enjoy seeing some of the world most highly organized communities, they also have everything that will make you appreciate their culture, everything they do is almost to perfection, to crown it all you will enjoy to be among the world most hospitable people.


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