E is for Excursions!


I often find the beach gets a little samey after a few days, do you agree? It sounds a ridiculous thing to say when you’re sat at work, staring at a grey sky, but when you’re in the sun, sometimes you just want a bit of a change.

It’s for that reason I always schedule in a few excursions, to get me out and about, and to enable me to break up my week, so boredom never has the chance to set in.

I know what you’re going to say next, excursions cost extra money, and yes they do, but if you can save here and there, then you will be happy to fit them in. A good way to save a few pounds, and a lot of stress, is to drive yourself to the airport, and park up your car, booking your parking spot through Airparks. I can’t rate this idea enough, as it really has transformed my travel days from something that caused me a world of stress, to a now totally chilled-out experience. Of course I also save money when compared to public transport costs, and this is where I justify those excursions! You’ll find parking services at most large UK airports, as well as more regionally, with Leeds Bradford Airport parking also available at great rates. See what you can find from your local airport.(Image by emdjt42)

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You don’t have to spend the earth on excursion costs either, and it’s a case of being clever. Your rep will no doubt try to sell you their days out, but I always find these more expensive than what you can find on the streets, from reputable street vendors. If you’re booking several, or you’re traveling in a group, be cheeky and ask for a discount, you never know!

One trip I always do regardless of where I’m going is a boat trip. I love the freedom of the open sea, and of course you get a fantastic tan. I also enjoy jeep safaris, as this gives me a chance to see the countryside of the surrounding area, without having to navigate it all myself. You’ll find plentiful trips if you’re heading to a regular tourist resort, and there’ll be a few special ones that pertain to that particular area. If there’s a tourist site nearby that you really want to see, do some research beforehand and find out what tours head in that direction.(Image by f i Я a x)

Holiday Buzzed - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - tourist resort E is for Excursions

The beach is great, it really is, but why not spend a few days by the sea, break it up with a trip, and then head back to the beach? This way, you’re getting the best of both worlds.


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