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Full-time traveling does not have to be costly. Take the word from experienced full-time traveling families who have been on the road for some time now. The pleasure of traveling with the family and pets is beyond measure. Hitting bumpy roads, climbing steep mountain peak, meeting different races, learning different cultures and some dialects is part of their learning experience during their long-term travel. Children will develop awareness of the world around them, fostering relationships with people and learn to take care of the environment.

There are valid reasons why families decide to leave their homes and spend time outdoors through full-time traveling families. Whatever their reasons, the important thing to consider when traveling is to be extra careful in dealing with strangers and how to travel safe, but most of all on how to travel economically.The family should always prepare their own snacks and meals rather than eating in restaurants. Bring canned foods, chips, crackers, cereals, oats and easy to prepare healthy snack foods. Before the trip, have everything ready in the recreational vehicle such as coolers for beverages, milk and water. Prepare meals that do not need to be reheated in the microwave and they are suitable to eat cold.

singleshotWhile having full-time traveling families, accidents can happen anytime. Be prepared by bringing a first aid kit that includes alcohol, disinfectant, bandages, burn ointment, cotton swab, tweezers, thermometer and other handy medical equipment. Teach each family member first aid like cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), how to apply tourniquet for injury, and treating minor ailments such as applying warm or cold compress. For medication, bring aspirin for chest pain, epinephrine autoinjector to treat shock, paracetamol, and ibuprofen, naproxen for pain, anti diarrheal tablets, oral rehydration salts, antihistamines and calamine lotion for allergy, and maintenance medicines and food supplements to keep every healthy and maintain high energy during long-haul trip. Sleep is important during full-time traveling families; ensure that everyone can get enough sleep at night. Bring enough bedding mattresses and bed comforters to warm the whole family. There are parking lots and RV sites that offer cheap parking fee with full security and hookups. Look for boondocking sites where the family is assured of a restful and safe evening. The possibilities of safe haven for your vehicle is endless so don’t make a fuss when night comes. Entertainment and games should be included in the itinerary. Look for cheap but quality entertainment in the area that the family will pass through such as galleries, museum and live concert. To entertain the kids, you can buy second-hand toys and if they get bored, let the kids donate them for charity. This is to avoid clutter inside the vehicle.

When driving, always maintain a certain speed to save some fuel. Drive with precision and always check the vehicle’s mechanism, tires, oil and pressure after reaching the destination. Bring spare tire and mechanical tools for emergency repair. Traveling with the family is a rewarding experience, so always prioritize safe travel. Teach everyone to be responsible in their actions to avoid injury and let them realize the value of full-time traveling and family bonding.

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