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Explore Magical Mexico and Fall in Love…as Shown in Live It to Believe It Campaign


Mexico is a wonderful country in North America with its picturesque landscapes, historical ruins and a lot more. It needs no further description. But there is something more to it apart from the Meso-American monuments, white sandy beaches etc.

Mesmerizing Mexico

Mesmerizing indeed!! Mexico has its own unique charm. The famous tourist spots cannot be missed but if you are looking for an adventure, a way to rejuvenate your life, then Mexico is yet again the right place to fulfil all your desires. This is what the promotional campaign Live It to Believe It reveals. This campaign has brought into being by the Ministry of Mexico Tourism in conjunction with the Tourism Board of Mexico.

Create memories with your loved ones, click pictures and get into some weird adventures. Go for a refreshing massage and relieve your soul. Experience some amazing moments in the lush green suburbs. Indulge in some hot chocolate and cappuccino in a street side café and share your crazy moments with your beloved. A candle light dinner in a remote highway, bring out the teenager inside you and forget your inhibitions. Spend some amazing time with your sweetheart and surprise her with a French kiss right in the middle of the street.

Every time it is not about that luxurious sports car or a limo or that hi-tech apartment, the best experiences are often found in those exceptional escapades. The exciting journey through the tunnel roads or the breath-taking ride in hot air balloons to explore Mexico are some of the many things you can try. This is what the campaign has tried to convey with its exclusive and amazing visual imagery. It has come up with all the essential attributes so that the tourists can obtain the best possible benefits out of it.

The Road not Taken

This might sound like a poem from Robert Frost but it can be put in a way as the road less taken. Yes, these are risky but life is all about taking those risks and feel that eternal joy when you overcome it. With time people grow old, it’s all about living the present to the fullest and make the most out of it when there is still time. So forget your age, relive your past in unexplored Mexico.



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